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Health and Safety in Cleaning

comprehensive programs for preventing soiling and efficient carpet cleaning are needed to deal with the challenges of “winter dirt”

Dealing with Trace Marks

Residential cleaning jobs can include heavily soiled tr …

The Best Carpet Cleaners for Commercial Areas

The Best Carpet Cleaners for Commercial Areas - Daisyclean Ltd.

Carpet cleaning tips for everyone

Carpet cleaning tips for everyone - Daisyclean Ltd.

Ever thought professional window cleaning was an unnecessary luxury? Then read on!

Clean windows send out a positive message that your business cares about its appearance its clients. Invest in a commercial window cleaner to help you shine!

The Winter vomiting bug is a nasty piece of work. Get the better of it with daily office cleaning

Winter vomiting bug means business. Caused by a collection of viruses called noroviruses. Get Daisyclean in for daily office cleaning and we'll ensure that your workplace is as hygienic as possible.

Washroom hygiene: 3 good reasons why your business really needs it

Commercial cleaning expertise If you want a thorough job, you have to go to an expert. Here at Daisyclean, .

Give your managers the best present this Christmas with daily office cleaning

Asking employees to consider daily office cleaning often falls on deaf ears.Looking at it from the employees' perspective, can you really blame them though?

Make it a happy new year in your clinic with a new approach to preventative cleaning

Preventative cleaning benefits everyone, and also puts forward an outstanding first impression to new people who may be considering using a surgery.

Help your admin staff with office cleaning that promises a great new year

office cleaning can cause invisible problems when it's done wrong. Sure, the conference room may look clean and tidy, but