My room is not dirty. I just have everything on display. Like a museum. (I live with some people who are imitating a museum. I'm not naming any names in order to protect the guilty.


Welcome Girl Scouts, go away Door to Door Salesman! "Unless your selling Thin Mints, NO SOLICITING". This would be great for thehome front door on a small sign above the doorbell or on the glass door of a business.

Better to be considered stupid than spend the next 20 minutes trying to explain.

the awkward moment when your sarcasm is so advanced people actually think you are stupid Socially Awkward Penguin

Why I love Pinterest.

social without being social, and people in the same mind frame


Oxygen bros…

Funny pictures about Oxygen bros. Oh, and cool pics about Oxygen bros. Also, Oxygen bros.

Say cheese

Funny pictures about Everybody say cheese. Oh, and cool pics about Everybody say cheese. Also, Everybody say cheese.

That darn Will :D

Whenever someone calls me ugly...

"Whenever someone calls me ugly, I get super sad and hug them, because I know how tough life is for the visually impaired." -Will Ferrel