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    The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead- Marilyn Monroe ♥ Or kiss you on the nose -

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    Good Morning Kisses like this..... it's the simple things that matter the most to an unselfish man. Everyone Benefits from the Simple Pleasures.


    At my last homecoming he gave me my first kiss (several times over actually) and each was superb ♥

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    Music is motivational to anyone that welcomes it in their life. Music nourishes the spirit and to know music nourishes it a whole lot more. Learn how to play and it awakens things within you which you wouldn't believe could exist!

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    ~ a romantic night on a bare skin rug in front of a fire........yes, please ~

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    seriously, kiss me like you use to. even if it's for a moment before you go home, kiss me hard....

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    This is true!! Oh so very true!

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    Being with YOU takes me to places I never dreamed possible! It's never a simple kiss to me but it is being w/the most desirable woman alive being able to touch your lips w/ see your beauty..look into your eyes taste your sweetness..your touch ignites my heart with a fire that burns deep inside your kiss fuels my passion to somehow make U feel all of the love that I have for YOU as I share myself in a way that no one has ever inspired!! Our kisses are so wonderful incredible!***

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    Because he always does this and it makes my heart smile :) It's the little things

    lobsters and lilly

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    Love and marriage: Couples.-Young couple kissing in the Park "Vert Galant", Ile de la Cité, Paris.-Photo, 1961. MONDADORI PORTFOLIO/AKG Images

    Girls On Film — kitty-en-classe: Paul Almásy, Jeune couple...

    Every day when we say goodbye to go to work...and every night when he gets home. :)

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    a New Day

    You kiss me with so much passion every time we kiss! I love kissing you FH! I have never had someone kiss me the way you kiss me! Simply Amazing! Mmmmm!! And it is so true and important

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    Never, ever, underestimate the power of a kiss placed on the back of a woman's neck. // kiss on the neck and I'm done. - Sunni

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    That will be a nice start to our New Year, baby. Rogue

    A sub with a soul

    >Kisses always..Kadi Princess Sleeman..oxox

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    M...Good Morning!!........... as I just awoke, reaching over to cuddle you was the first thing that went thru my mind, half dreaming of how nice that would be....... sigh............ I'll get your coffee........

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    Cover me in kisses...

    The Power of Nice

    Tease me, kiss me, hug me, hold me, pin me down, love me.

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    To get the no-holds-barred truth, we crashed a few guy gatherings taking place over beers at local bars. After some initial shyness--and us swearing we wouldn't reveal their full names--they opened up.

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    Love ✿⊱╮

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    :) I know this is for food, but it reminds me of other pleasures, too:) haha:) ♥

    Things You Can’t Do With Food

    But then, you always were one to step over dimes to pick up pennies. Don't know the value of anything.

    Passions & Guilty Pleasures — It’s a Sexy Pleasure

    Yeah....its like dating. You date and fall in love and then move in or get married and all of sudden all of the things you fell in love with stops. Why stop showing love and doing nice things for each other because you "caught" the one you wanted. Which is why so many couples dont work out....they start searching for that "love high".

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