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Stephenie Reynolds Kessock

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It doesn't get much easier than this...chicken and rice bake together in a creamy mushroom sauce for a one-dish winner the whole family will enjoy!

10 Perfect Bedroom Interior Design Color Schemes | Design Build Ideas -- Like this color combination!

So how do you grow closer to your son? How can you know what he's thinking and how he's feeling? FREE Printable: 21 Questions Your Son Needs You to Ask Him ~ Club31Women

FREE Printable In Our House Rules : are your family's "home habits" helping you or hurting you when it comes to keeping your house clean? This website has TONS of great tips!

Responsibility Board / Chore Chart I love the idea of daily deeds (unpaid expectations that come with being part of a household) and chores (extra jobs that children do earn money for completing). This system can be bought...but I'm sure I could DIY something similar.

an example of how *not* to discipline your child. 1) i never believe in using food as a reward or punishment 2) I dont believe in time outs. Time outs are not necessary if you explain a behavior, redirect the action, and Positively praise the great things your child does!

I think I may have found the best system that will work for us!! yay!! updated if/then expectations chart by daisyeyes, via Flickr

Be the best parent you can. Try using these parent challenges to reconnect. I need this right now!

So you've assigned chores, but it's still not working for your family. The kids fight, the work is lousy and mom is tired. I get it. You're not alone. I found this secret to getting your kids to do their chores well and I promise you're gonna love it!

How can we use the moment to point our children to Christ? It's the question that most heavily weighs on my heart, too. I want my children to respond to authority and correction in a manner that would be pleasing to God. These 3 questions have helped us focus the moment on what really counts!

Going on Vacation? Make a Health Wellness Kit! Check this Beach Vacation Kit! | The TipToe Fairy #WellAtWalgreens #shop #vacationkit

Superior Meat Loaf Lipton Onion Soup Mix Recipe via @SparkPeople

Copycat Chick-Fil-A Nuggets from

Make a vacation smash book on your next trip! Such a fun way to "smash" your memories! Step-by-step instructions here!

'Smashed on Sunday: How I Start...' (via

Gluten Free Delicious Dish: Gluten Free Chicken Pot Pie using Drop Biscuits