Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês (Portugal). 'The vast rugged wilderness of Portugal’s northernmost park is home to dramatic peaks, meandering streams and rolling hillsides covered with wildflowers. Its age-old stone villages seem lost in time and, in remote areas, wolves still roam. As always, the best way to feel nature’s power is on foot along one of more than a dozen hiking trails.' www.lonelyplanet....

Sipping the Douro (Portugal). 'The exquisite Alto Douro wine country is the oldest demarcated wine region on earth. Its steeply terraced hills, stitched together with craggy vines that have produced luscious wines for centuries, loom on both sides of the sinuous Rio Douro. Whether you get here by driving the impossibly scenic back roads, or catch a train or boat from Porto, take the time to hike, cruise and taste.'

Here's a great map that shows the different routes of the Camino, from the most popular (and increasingly heavily-trafficked, Camino Frances) to some that most people have never heard of. I'd like to try Los Caminos del Norte! Beautiful coastal landscapes and a lot of mountains!

Berlenga Islands, Portugal is one of the 6 Island Experiences Almost Too Good to Share according to AFAR Magazine: Your perfect day trip is just ... six miles off the shores of Lisbon, Portugal | Hire a boat transfer out of Peniche, Portugal when available and travel 6 miles off-shore to the pristine Berlenga Islands. Then hike, kayak, snorkel and swim the day away. Pack a picnic lunch and feast on the beach. The perfect day in paradise.

Aljezur, Portugal: Not Just a Surfer’s Paradise - via Travelogged 13.06.2013 | Aljezur, Portugal, may be best known for its surfing and surf schools, but there's also hiking, horseback riding and and a castle for sightseeing. Photo: Praia da Arrifana also is a great place to go for a sunset stroll. Photo by Elizabeth Montalbano.

Hiking in SW Portugal | Via The Huffington Post | 04/14/2015 "What comes to mind when you think of Portugal? ...How about some of the best hiking in the world.This past October, my wife Katherine and I hiked the Algarve, Costa Vicentina and Alentejo regions in SW Portugal. .. But if I have a chance to return to Portugal, I'll take it. There is more chorizo and bacalhau to eat, fine Portuguese wine to drink, and many more miles of the Rota Vicentina to hike." #Portugal

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