Giulia D'Aiuto Barreto

Giulia D'Aiuto Barreto

Giulia D'Aiuto Barreto
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DECRETOS DA CHAMA VIOLETA PARA A ALMA | TAOS - Templo dos Anjos da Ordem de Shidha

The Psychotropic Mind. From their new book The Psychotropic Mind, authors provide conversations on shamanism and mind-altering plants by filmmaker Jan Kounen, anthropologist Jeremy Narby, and writer/filmmaker Vincent Ravalec

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A large sacred rat (Mooshika) outside of Lord Ganesha's temple at Guwahati. The rat is the vahana of Ganesha.

Human anatomy in relation to the Orisha. Beautiful chart provided by thanks again for this information. is an Iyanifa (Ifa priestess) and a holistic health practitioner. She has a beautiful Orisha/Ifa page y'all should check out.

Ganesh on his Vahana, a mouse or rat | Raja Ravi Varma | 1910

Lesson Ganesha chose a tiny mouse as his vahana (vehicle). Yet this humble choice led to popularity and success. Discover how humble choices can become your true source of power.