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It's a proven scientific fact that laughter is healthy for the soul. So take a nice and healthy dose while while you're here. :)


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so cute!

  • Avinlea

    Oh the trickery of baby animals!


Baby announcement idea!

  • Victoria Bernhard
    Victoria Bernhard

    This is such a cute idea!

Big Eyes

  • Lynne Barron
    Lynne Barron

    So Sweet!!!!

  • Trish Peters
    Trish Peters

    Awww how cute!

  • Sheridan Blount
    Sheridan Blount

    Oh My Gosh!!!!! Jeremy Watford

Are you a West Coaster? :) Cute gift idea, no?

West Coaster Set
  • Lou Cypher
    Lou Cypher


  • Hailey D'Atri
    Hailey D'Atri

    Love this

Coffe make me poop, mug

  • Cynthia Milsap
    Cynthia Milsap


  • D Michele Keene
    D Michele Keene

    It is so true!

  • Kathy Bridges-Tincler
    Kathy Bridges-Tincler

    D Michele Keene- Glad it works for you! Doesn't even touch me :(

  • Monique Harris
    Monique Harris

    Bianca Quintero

  • Anna Novak
    Anna Novak


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That little dog is fantastic.

These guys can’t behave…
  • Larnese Roberts-Cook
    Larnese Roberts-Cook

    All Three are too cute and sassy!

  • Rhonda Sass
    Rhonda Sass

    woof sassy

  • Hannah Huff
    Hannah Huff

    Hilarious! So my dogs.

  • Robert Kimbrell
    Robert Kimbrell


  • IFred

    Aww, what a sweetie! I love bacon, too!

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I can't even stop laughing at this.

This wasn’t a good idea…
  • Isabelle Szczecinski
    Isabelle Szczecinski

    really? so we only need to say nice things.. not have an opinion. As a dog owner I can say that this dog is not enjoying itself just because it's outside 'doing things'. It infuriates me that people post comments like you have Bethany, really - grow up, only saying nice things is a very naive approach to life.

  • Bethany Paul
    Bethany Paul

    Happy holidays to you too! :)

  • Jennifer Jurkovich Cowen
    Jennifer Jurkovich Cowen

    This is hysterical!!

  • Beth McNally Sannicandro
    Beth McNally Sannicandro

    Agree Isabella

  • Eileen Benitez
    Eileen Benitez


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yep. that's me.

  • Claudia Anderson
    Claudia Anderson

    me three!

  • Kim Gorsuch Bell
    Kim Gorsuch Bell

    Exactly me!!!!!

  • Ferdworthi Creations
    Ferdworthi Creations

    May be it generates a different kind of "income".

  • Becca Baijot
    Becca Baijot

    Sounds like me too. Maybe we shoild all form a club.

  • Becky Hobby
    Becky Hobby

    Yep!!! Sounds right!!

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Sober in a Nightclub
  • Terri Ryan
    Terri Ryan

    Love it

  • Kathy


Freedom From Alarms www.shutupimtalki...

Freedom From Alarms
  • sherylrenee

    That would be TONIGHT!! Yaaaay!! :)

  • Kari Gaitan
    Kari Gaitan

    thats always great but then you end up getting up bc youre so used to getting up early all the sucks

Most of the time shutupimtalking.c...

yup | Shut Up I'm Talking
  • Lora Ray Caudill
    Lora Ray Caudill

    this is soooo me

  • Elizzabeth Davila
    Elizzabeth Davila


  • Nancy Olson
    Nancy Olson

    Thats just how I feel about my son.

Like a boss shutupimtalking.c...

Like a boss | Shut Up I'm Talking
  • Alyson Markt
    Alyson Markt

    Haha, so true.. Who knew I could get out of bed that fast?

  • Jennah Taglieri
    Jennah Taglieri

    Haha, that use to be me. now i just look at the clock and lay there for another minute or two- i mean i am already late.

I second that! ;) love this site -> !

Words of Wisdom
  • Carol McGrath - HousingCoach
    Carol McGrath - HousingCoach

    Liver would taste better that way, too.

LOL I'm with her on that one! So hilarious!

Why Does Life Give Lemons?!
  • Carol Gandolfi
    Carol Gandolfi


  • Jill Boettcher
    Jill Boettcher

    Fat free cake of course!

This would be a #win for the parents! Innovative! ;) -> is the ish

When I become a parent I’m stealing this idea
  • Micki Pugliese
    Micki Pugliese

    She doesn't look too thrilled. LOL

I’m Not Even Mad, That’s Impressive ;) love my pups! And this site -> !

I’m Not Even Mad, That’s Impressive
  • روزماري Moussallem
    روزماري Moussallem

    I agree lol

  • Loop Design
    Loop Design

    or my cat ;)

  • Audi Kennedy
    Audi Kennedy


  • Michelle Grietzer
    Michelle Grietzer

    SO TRUE!

  • Deann Kiely
    Deann Kiely

    I need a dog!

Hahaha that's punny. is awesome!

  • Brandie Davies
    Brandie Davies

    This is too funny. :)

  • Wow Someone Actually
    Wow Someone Actually

    I did not get this for about a minute....

  • Wow Someone Actually
    Wow Someone Actually


This gave me a chuckle. hahaha is hilarious!

Pfffffff! | Shut Up I'm Talking
  • April Smith-Benton
    April Smith-Benton

    LOL! fart jokes will ALWAYS be funny!

  • Deb Sielert
    Deb Sielert

    @April - Always!! No matter if you're 5 years old or 105. :3

  • Cathy Ash
    Cathy Ash

    Literally LMAO!!!

  • Terri Thomas
    Terri Thomas

    Thank you for that laugh!

  • Gina Minton
    Gina Minton

    This is funny. Lol!

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Lol too cool to color inside the lines ;) is amazing!

Coloring Inside The Lines?!

Hoarding HAHA www.ShutUpImTalki...

Hoarding | Shut Up I'm Talking
  • Katie Gerst
    Katie Gerst

    Ah haha, this reminds me of my mom!

  • Judy Huff
    Judy Huff

    AH-HA-HA-HA! That's me! Do any of you know about books written backwards for dyslexics? I could use those. (Do you know how long it took to type this???)

LOL out of touch, much? Loving this site -> !

Husky Runs Onto Field During College Baseball Game
  • Jessica Larson
    Jessica Larson

    Love this

Hahah oh, Gangnam style... ;) is so awesome

What’s Gangnam Style?

hahahah RIGHT?! brilliant ecards at !

Husky Runs Onto Field During College Baseball Game

Just saying! hahahah Such awesome quotes ->

Rock Paper Scissors!
  • Laurie Hayes
    Laurie Hayes


  • Kelsey Hoff
    Kelsey Hoff

    ...lizard spock