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How many thoughts do you think the average person has a day? If, I said 30,000 would you be surprised? The greater question is how are you using those 30,000 thoughts each day. Mind and brain research has discovered that 84-92% of the thoughts you think today where the same thoughts you thought yesterday.

When you don’t have standards for yourself, you definitely won’t have standards for a guy and then you will be susceptible to taking whatever comes your way. We’re gonna stop that today by looking at 5 crucial elements to consider.

Every day I would wake up, put on the lightest clothes I had, and go step on the scale in my mother’s bathroom. That one moment dictated my mood for the entire day.

Relationships 101: 7 Lessons I Learned

  • Megan Pawlak

    I think this list for the guys needs to include "you are more than your dick"

I often look at my husband Andrew with awe and wonder. And I have said to him many times: “I wish you could see how I see you.” And that is one of prayers as well, that he know he is so loved not just by me, but by our gracious God all the days of his life.

It’s so funny how we know our self worth and how he should be treated when we’re single. Then suddenly, we meet the guy that shows us some flattering attention and we’re knocked off our game.

The first time I saw her was at a charity event. She captured my eye that night. However, I thought she was with this movie star, and we didn’t even say hello.

I realized that this vision wasn’t just for me, it was for you too.

13 is a lucky number with these amazing date ideas. First dates can be a nightmare for us guys. Dinner dates can get really complicated. If we choose too nice of a restaurant, it looks like we’re getting serious too soon. But, if we choose too casual of a place then we just look cheap.

How can we become a more authentic man, more vulnerable?Here are 5 practical ways to get out from behind the curtain.

I held my breath and told God I trusted him as I made the painful call to break-up with my boyfriend. I was afraid and heart-broken, but the faith I had in God promises were worth it.

I was idolizing Godly relationships I saw because I wasn’t in one, I was idolizing un-Godly men because Iwas unhappy with God’s timing for my “fairytale,” I was running away from Christ.

We are mislead into thinking, “If I give him what he wants, then I will feel validated and ultimately be loved.” But most of us probably know, this is entirely backwards and rarely works out for our good. Seeking approval from a guy in order to feel validated normally leads to us selling out and giving it up to the wrong guy or too soon.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the ‘doing’ that we miss the precious moments in which we can just ‘be’. There are so many boxes to check in order to validate our worth and purpose and existence.

There is so much animosity among women because everyone is striving to prove their worthiness and is afraid someone will steal it away from them. But whole women empower other women.

Now, first and foremost, you must understand than you can not healthily become someone’s “other half” until you yourself are whole...

How My Husband Found Out About My Secret Affair Whether you have or are having an emotional affair, a physical affair, a “lust” affair, or are struggling with other sin such as pornography, addiction, dishonesty, or anything that is contributing to the breakdown of your is time to stop what you are doing and experience... Read More Here

In fact, I believed it so thoroughly that I had my eyes peeled for my missing half, waiting  so I could be her everything (and so she could be mine).You cannot complete her anymore than you can fly.

I guess a part of me felt like if I am sad about letting go, then maybe I’m not at that place of acceptance that I thought I was.  But I was wrong.  It is sad.  I must grieve.  I loved, gave my all, and almost died doing it.  Letting this go is incredibly sad, but on a much different level.  I started to realize that it was okay to be sad, and later that night, as I threw these things into the flames, I also knew that it was okay to let go.

At the time I was living in Sherman Oaks, and it was 2006, and there was a really cute local girl named Katharine McPhee who was a finalist on American Idol. One day, while waiting to checkout at Whole Foods, I looked up to find that Katharine was on the cover of the latest edition of Shape Magazine.

Alright fellas, can we be honest? Are we not animals with instincts that kick in the moment the soft curvaceous canvas of our female counterparts come around.

Once upon a time I fell in love with a guy who I thought was different than any guy I had ever met. He was sweet, funny, and ...

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