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Of course I love Budapest, I'm from Hungary, or we Hungarians would say "I'm from the Magyar country.

New York, I will be back!

This is a pretty cool photograph that illustrates depth of field. The floor on the top appear to be darker than the lower level floors and the upper level floors also appear to be smaller. It is also a super creative photograph b/c it is a reflection of

More NY

Typical street scene was inspiration behind “East Side, West Side.” New York, By William Shrout My Grandfather


The place I truly love. The only place that feels like home. Where my heart was ripped out and put back in again. I love this place like it is a part of me. I guess it is.

Central Park, NY

Bird's Eye View Of New York City Central Park. See more amazing bird's eye view photographs from around the world and get top tips to do your own.

Tel Aviv

Fountain, Tel Aviv Photograph by Dima Vazinovich, Your Shot Israeli children playing at the local fountain in Tel Aviv city


urgetocreate: call-me-mogo: Nigel Van Wieck, “Q Train”, from the Working Girl series, pastel on paper, Nigel Van Wieck is an American artist who lives and works in New York. (mistakenly attributed to Edward Hopper)


35 Amazing Bridges That Are The Definition of Architectural Masterpieces ~ Favorite Picture of a bridge~Liberty Bridge, Budapest

the fire + water fountain, also commonly referred to as the Dizengoff Square fountain, Tel Aviv by Yaacov Agam (1986)

Agam Fountain On The Way To Dizengoff Center in Tel Aviv, Israel