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the tables are set with silver and gold place settings, candles, and napkins
Chargers make such a difference in a tablescape. Available in gold, black or silver from Dallas Light and Sound, these gorgeous DLS additions to this tablescape really make each place setting sparkle.
people are standing in front of a projector screen with words projected on the wall
Social media is an integral part of many events. Dallas Light and Sound can help spread the good vibes with a custom installed projection installation. Flown from the rafters or projected from a truss tower... our expertise can make it happen.
tables and chairs are set up for an event
A custom monogram gobo projection from Dallas Light and Sound helps finish this simple yet elegant room for a beautiful bride and her handsome groom.
there is a vase with white flowers in it on the table next to wine glasses
Gorgeous florals and tablescapes from Sugar City Sweets and Celebrations look stunning against elegant white draping from Dallas Light and Sound.
a table topped with lots of cupcakes next to a large glass window filled with windows
Cupcake lighting from Dallas Light and Sound makes these sweet treats taste even better. Congratulations to Carla on your Sweet 16 Party.
a group of people sitting at tables in a room with red lighting on the walls
Dallas Light and Sound
Stunning Uplighting and branch textures in the Grand Hall at Texas Discovery Gardens from Dallas Light and Sound.
an overhead view of the entrance to a building with people walking through it and two large planters on either side
Diverse Events +More Make for a Wonderful April...
Agency branding at the event entrance means that all patrons at No Tie Dinner 2014 remember why they are attending. Turn to Dallas Light and Sound for unique ideas for gobo projection.
an overhead view of people standing and sitting at tables in front of large screens on the wall
Diverse Events +More Make for a Wonderful April...
DJ Mark Ridlin played a great selection of enjoyable tunes throughout the evening, over a Dallas Light and Sound nightclub quality sound system. No Tie Dinner patrons started dancing after the live auction concluded! The hanger door wall served as an anchor for the stage at the Frontiers of Flight Museum.
a large group of people standing around each other
Diverse Events +More Make for a Wonderful April...
More than 2000 patrons turn out for ne of the most eagerly awaited silent auctions of the year. With auction lighting from Dallas Light and Sound, the 400+ items displayed raised tens of thousands of dollars for the event beneficiary - AIDS Services of Dallas.
rows of chairs are set up in front of the stage for an event or show
Diverse Events +More Make for a Wonderful April...
The Round-Up Saloon is a country dancehall -and our job was to turn it into a performance venue suitable for an Emmy Award Winner. Leslie Jordan kept the crowd in stitches, and looked great performing on our stage set consisting of stage, steps, leopard carpet walkup, shimmering jeweled backdrop, and cabaret seating with soooo red linens up front.
an overhead view of a large room with chairs set up on the floor and people walking around
Diverse Events +More Make for a Wonderful April...
Rehearsals are underway at Fashion CITED 2014 - A Style Event. An elevated seating area in the center of the runway is only one of the unique design elements envisioned by Dallas Light and Sound for this event held at Frontiers of Flight Museum.
a woman standing at a podium in front of a crowd
"A Chance ot Soar" Keynote speaker, actress and adoption advocate Nia Vardalos connected with everyone in the room thanks to humorous tales and heart-wrenching memories of adopting her daughter Ilaria in 2008. Interested parties can read more about Nia's journey as an adoptive parent in her book "Instant Mom".
a man giving a speech in front of a podium with an award on the side
Former Dallas Cowboy DeMarcus Ware and his former wife adopted their daughter Marley after three failed pregnancies. DeMarcus has been involved with Jonathan’s Place since 2006. Jonathan's Place chose Ware as their 2014 honoree at "A Chance to Soar" for his continued support of the organization.
a large room filled with people sitting at tables and chairs in front of a chandelier
It's a capacity crowd at Brook Hollow Golf Club for "A Chance to Soar", presented by Jonathan's Place. Dallas Light and Sound is proud to have been selected by Jonathan's Place to provide audio, video projection, stage design and lighting for "A Chance to Soar."
the banquet room is set up for an event
Enthusiasm for the cause was flying high at Brook Hollow Golf Club when Jonathan's Place welcomed actress, author and adoption advocate Nia Vardalos and former Dallas Cowboy DeMarcus Ware to "A Chance To Soar". A capacity crowd filled Brook Hollow's formal dining room on April 19th as patron's turned out to show their support for this wonderful organization that provides a safe, loving home and specialized services to children who have been abused, abandoned or neglected.