"Momma, I made a friend in the woods today, but he wouldn't even tell me his name..."

girl Black and White creepy child horror dark Macabre slender slenderman

The Slender Man by Pirate Cashoo Would be terrified if I met him 0.0

The Slender Man

Tell the story as if it just happened. | 11 Tips For Telling A Perfectly Horrifying Ghost Story

The ghost should look like you, only slightly different.

Slender Man by Rakkasah.deviantart.com

Slender Man, Slender Man, doing the things a Slender Can. He's got no mouth above his chin. Hey there! There goes the Slender Man.

FOR REAL?!?! Oh...my...gosh...I'll be scared but I'm still gonna drag my friends out to see it.

Sleepy Hollow (Fan Fiction) - Chapter One

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