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Fudgy Brownies with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting - You're going to love this rich and decadent frosted brownies recipe! Be sure to pin this now and try it later!

Fudgy Brownies with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting--Rich and decadent frosted brownies recipe. I added a tsp of cinnamon and used dark chocolate for the icing.


This silk cami layered with a casual sweater is the perfect look for the end of cold and beginning of warm weather! Check out these fabulous Spring fashion trends.

Obama Drops The Dad Joke Of 2015

Obama Drops The Dad Joke Of This is hilarious but. turkeys do fly. at least the wild ones. trust me, where i live we see them sleeping in trees every day

Savitsky, Konstantin (1844-1905) - 1897 Monk Inok.    Konstantin Apollonovich…

Artist: Konstantin Apollonovich Savitsky - "Monk Inok" (c. Konstantin Apollonovich Savitsky was a Russian realist painter born in the city of Taganrog in the village Frankovka or Baronovka

My new goal is to find myself in a museum.

Paintings and their doppelgangers. - I found one that looked exactly like me in an art gallery in Italy! it was really weird