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Grilled Vegetables With Parmesan Cheese | #japan | Grilling Is The Best Way To Get The Most Flavor Out Of Vegetables. The Smokiness From The Grill And The Savoriness Of A Good Cheese Elevates Vegetables From Ordinary To Extraordinary.

This is the perfect dessert to pair with your barbeque. The sweetness of the ricotta cheese and caramelized fruit is balanced with a hint of refreshing lemon, a wonderful finish to a hot summer day.

Pie crust cookies

PIE CRUST COOKIES,we used to buy these from a bakery in LA. They would use their pie crust scraps and cut them in the shape of small hearts! Loved when my mom would bring home the pink box with twine and tiny heart pie crust cookies

Chicken Schnitzel.

Chicken Schnitzel I tried this recipe from the Every Food magazine and DH and I just loved it. The flavor, with garlic, parmesan, and a wine sauce, take it beyond the average schnitzel recipe. It's also fairly quick and easy enough for a week night meal.

Zen Sangria

Zen Sangria Give sangria some Asian-style flair by combining Sauvignon Blanc with green-tea-flavored vodka. Not a fan of green tea flavor? This drink can be made with plain or citrus vodka as well.

mason jar solar light.

Mason Jar Solar Light DIY Project The Homestead Survival.I read the entire directions prior to pinning and I love this idea! Lots of uses for these, including part of a gift basket or make a bunch for a special event!