Alphabet Zoom Zip-Line Letters is a fun way for kids to learn letter recognition and the sounds they make!

Alphabet Zoom Zip-Line Letters Activity - Stir The Wonder

Classroom Freebies: Find and Trace Capital Letters

Find and Trace Capital Letters

The Letter Sounds Song - great for sound practice! It is slower, so a good calming/learning one or circle time song

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Free Letter of the Day Worksheets. These worksheets provide children with different skill building activities on a daily basis. -Read & Identify the letter -Say the Sound -Trace Uppercase -Trace Lowercase -Write Uppercase & Lowercase -Color Beginning letter animal -Seek and Find letter -Draw (items that begin with your letter) -ABC Order

Letter of the Day Worksheet

Use interactive notebooks to teach and review letters, sounds, letter ID, etc!

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FREE Alphabet Printables. Alphabet chart, letter sound clip cards and upper and lowercase puzzles. Perfect for literacy centers or ABC games.

FREE Alphabet Printables - Playdough To Plato

Fingerprint Alphabet Ideas

Fingerprint Alphabet Art - Easy Peasy and Fun

Alphabet - learning letters and letter sounds!

Studious Maximus: Alphabet - learning letters and letter sounds!

Easy Trick for B and D Reversals - FREE Printable - This Reading Mama

B and D Reversals: A Developmental Approach {Easy Trick Included}

Letter of the Week Book List (from The Measured Mom)

Our favorite books for kids ages 2-5

These Letter of the Day worksheets provide children with different skill building activities on a daily basis.-Read & Identify the

Letter of the Day Printable Worksheets {Subscriber Freebie}

Letter recognition flowers - help preschoolers learn their letters with this DIY summer flower garden to work on letter recognition skills

Letter Recognition Flowers

N is for Night Sky Letter Craft

N is for Night Sky Letter Recognition Activities

A fantastic list of alphabet activities and games for toddlers and preschoolers to build letter recognition and sound relationships. They are all hands-on and playful!

Alphabet Games and Activities - Growing Book by Book

File Folder Phonics! Hands on activities for teaching letters and sounds.

Even MORE! File Folder Phonics

One of the first things most children learn to read is their own name. It can give them such a feeling of pride and excitement to recognize their name. Here are some playful ideas you can use to help them have fun learning to spot the letters that are extra special to them.

Fun ways to learn to read!

"My kids can read and write ANYTHING with these- They refer to them constantly!" ....Do your kids know the 'grown-up' reading and writing SECRETS about why letters make the tricky sounds that they do? Learn them today and teach them tomorrow! ....Follow "Katie Garner Author/Speaker" on Pinterest for the best of Free 'too-neat-not-to-keep' teaching tools & other fun & brain-based stuff :)

Secret Stories :: Secret Samples

Vowel Letter Recognition Mazes {FREE}

Vowel Letter Recognition Mazes (Classroom Freebies)

We love this free game for teaching letter sounds!

Free letters and sounds game! - The Measured Mom

Letter T Worksheets

Letter T Worksheets Free Kids Printable - Kids Activities Blog

Help your kids with letter recognition by having fun with these color by letter printables!

Color By Letters F, G, H, I, J {Free Kids Printable} - Kids Activities Blog

My kids would LOVE this!! Great game for letter recognition

Growing Kinders: Alphabet FUN!

The order for teaching letter recognition, and why! Plus a ton of fun games and activities to have little ones learn the alphabet, letter sounds, and how to print in no time!

Teaching Letter Recognition - what order to introduce letters - How Wee Learn

xray fish alphabet craft

Handprint Alphabet Crafts for Preschoolers X for...

Phonics Letter of the Week Bb {FREE}. A HUGE unit (81 pages) with all that you need for a letter of the curriculum: includes 26 games, activities and worksheets.