Take a picture together every anniversary and watch yourselves grow old together.

Each year take a picture on your anniversary! Watch as you grow old together :) Didn't do this but maybe we could do it every 5 years;) Since this year is our 5 year anniversary!

getting natural facial expressions

No more "say cheeeese" How to get the best natural facial expressions. These are awesome explanations with visuals to match.

Top 10 Fonts Web Designers Love

Top 10 Fonts Web Designers Love [Infographic]

Ever wonder what fonts other web designers prefer to use in their work? Check out this of the top 10 fonts web designers love.

Tulip Wreath how to #spring #wreath

How to make a Tulip Wreath on polkadotchair.com

Tulip Wreath how to - The Polkadot ChairThe Polka Dot Chair - This WILL be my spring wreath!

10 #Pinterest tips for #blogging

If you are a or a and you want to make the most of check out a few basic rules of conduct for this ever growing social network!

This person had the same design printed at 12 different publishers and compares quality, pricing and service.

Creating a Disney Vacation Photo Book - Getting Started Tutorial

After printing the SAME photo book (photobook) with 12 different companies, see where I'm printing my books now and why. (loved when I read the article discovered it's the same place I use Adorama never does a photographer wrong)

How to Use Google+

The simple DO's and DON'Ts that every needs to know about advertising their posts on