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Infographic: Two Projections on Federal Debt Payments Via National Taxpayers Union Foundation, The White House & CBO agree that servicing the national debt will continue to increase but are also projecting 2 different directions for the budget deficit. OMB assumes the economy will get back on track and expand at pre-recession levels whereas CBO suspects growth will be lower than the historical average.

Back by popular demand, National Taxpayers Union Marilyn Shaw brings you the Price the Proposals contest for the President's 2014 State of the Union Address. Guess the net cost or saving from the speech (without going over) as determined by the NTU Foundation & you could win $50, a Reason magazine subscription, or a "Team Taxpayer" kit! Go to

Infographic: How the Senate would change federal spending. As opposed to the House, the Senate would cut spending by $46.8 billion annually if all non-overlapping proposals were enacted. This data comes from NTU Foundation's BillTally report on the first half of 2013.

Infographic: the spending agenda of the house in 2013 If all non-overlapping proposals in the 2013 House was enacted, the government would grow by almost $1.2 trillion each year. The latest from NTU Foundation looks at whether Congress is getting back to business or back to the usual.

When Congress Sponsors spending cut Proposals

Via NTU Foundation's BillTally project: What spending the 113th Congress has proposed in 2013 so far. NTUF found that Congress proposed $1.3 trillion in new spending in the first half of 2013. What does that mean for you?

Infographic: The 2013 New Jersey Special Senate Election -- NTUF compiled the proposed spending agenda of #CoryBooker & #SteveLonegan #njsen

Infographic: History of U.S. Debt Ceiling Increases

Infographic: Retirement Perks of George W. Bush

Bill Clinton's Federal Retirement Benefits, an Infographic by National Taxpayers Union Foundation

Infographic - Retirement Benefits of Former President George HW Bush

Infographic: Retirement Benefits of Former President George H.W. Bush | Infogram

Jimmy Carters Retirement Perks

Chart: Benefit Payouts to Former Presidents 2008-2012

Infographic: Up in the Air: Presidential Travel Abroad

The cost of complying with the tax code keeps going up! Americans spent $241 billion last year just to correctly pay their taxes.

The National Taxpayers Union asks Americans what they think the President's State of the Union Address will cost. Prizes for closest guesses!!! Enter by the end of his speech on Feb 12th, 10PM ET