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Oh Peeta...

This was one of my favorite parts! This should have been in the movie, I think people that haven't read the books don't really understand how great Peeta is because things like this were left out.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins - The Hanging Tree I love the Mockingjays!

'The Hanging Tree'. Hunger Games fan art by La-Chapeliere-Folle. its the best way to put a visual on "the hanging tree" song.

This scene actually happened in the movie only not in the Book . However in the book Peter was not weak either . He seriously would do anything for Katniss. And if he were weak he wouldn't survive Book 3 .


My favorite moment in mockingjay. I love it. Possibly one of my favorite moments in the series actually.

And President Snow's perspective. Not Haymitch's though. His entire book would be "fiebvslibvvfldsbv lolz imma drunk yay feabsfbgvasvbgf;sabgfv."

Yes and prim and Effie and gale and snow and haymitch. Ohh and I want to see haymitch's games in his perspective. Basically I want to read all the books through every characters perspective. And everybody's past games.


Remember when Effie told Katniss and Peeta "Chins up! Smiles on!" in Catching Fire? Actually, I think she told them this in both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire.

I would read this. I want a short story. Change the characters and give me fanfiction. Jetzt.

I feel like if katniss hasn't volunteered, Gale would've gone in to protect Prim. So the same conversation but Gale having volunteered in Peeta's place.

I seriously dont know how anyone could hate peeta

I wish this side would've been shown in the movie. I feel like they just made him look like dead weight. Books are always better than the movie. Not to say this movie isn't great though!

✿2012, 2013, 2014 ❀

Gale got uglier since the first one and then the opposite happened to Jennifer Lawerence and then Josh Hutherson just stayed the same. I think peeta needs a shave and I LOVE gale's beard, and I like jen's hair long

Peeta. It was always about Peeta. She did her mourning, but then Peeta would come back in and she'd know that she had to do whatever it took to save him.

there shouldnt be an argument that katniss never loved peeta. or that she picked him cuz he was just there.