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Latest in Tango:

Latest in Tango:

How Classical Ballets Are Arranged By Modern Choreographers

For hundreds of years, choreographers have held to standard dance steps in classical ballet. Today's modern choreographers prefer not to emphasize this once.

30 years ago the USSR fell apart. Did it change the world of Ballet forever?

The dissolution of the USSR in the changed the face of ballet forever. Here's a look at how, from a few different perspectives. It's not all sugar plums.

Puerto Rico Tango Marathon 2016 - The Magic of Dancing on the Beach!

This year the Puerto Rico Tango Marathon highlighted daily milongas on the beautiful San Juan Isla Verde Beach.

What is Belly dance?

Belly dance is the western name for Raqs Sharki a type of middle eastern dance. It is a dance that is traditionally solo form and is improved with the name it

Opportunities for Modern Dance Performers

In the very early days of modern dance, dancers were not given instructions in facial expressions, the mood of choreography or the technicalities of performing.

Growing Up with Dance: Ingredients for Success

The opportunity to grow up with dance training is a lucky reality for children who can afford to pay.

Thinking of Choreographing a New Ballet? Take the Leap!

What's involved in creating a full length ballet? According to Bishop, the motivation to create original ballets came on the heels of his professional dancing.

The A to Z's of Flamenco Dance:  I is for Instruction

The importance of quality instruction in Flamenco dance and guitar (and anything in life for that matter) is often, unfortunately, highly underrated.

The A to Z's of Flamenco Dance: H is for Heart

So often I see Flamenco dancers executing extraordinarily complex and fast-as-lightning footwork patterns, whipping their arms about in a frenzy, their wet hair

Caribbean Dancesport Classic 2015 in San Juan: Experience the Romance

Caribbean Dancesport Classic 2015 in San Juan: Experience the Romance

Travel with your eyes closed at the Puerto Rico Tango Festival 2015 in San Juan.

From October 22 – San Juan, PR will host a Puerto Rican Tango Festival for the time with Otros Aires, Beach Milongas and a Masquerade Ball

Manhattan Dance Championships 2015: Hotter and More Competitive Than Ever

Each year New York City hosts the Manhattan Dance Championships, a competition that features some of the best ballroom dancers in the country.

In 5 years, it will be the 20s again! Let’s bring back jazz music, swing and decadence.

In 5 years, it will be the again! Let’s bring back jazz music, swing and decadence.

4 Ways to Improve Your Grasp on Choreography

One of the most exciting parts of dance is taking part in choreography. Learning how to move in sync with a group fosters a sense of conne