Use This Little Known Tool to Lose Weight Starting Now

Use This Little Known Tool to Lose Weight Starting Now

23 Creative Emoji Masterpieces

23 Creative Emoji Masterpieces

27 Perfectly Hilarious Star Wars Memes-This is a good place to go to just be a star wars fan often, there are several good memes here

27 Perfectly Hilarious Star Wars Memes

You may be epic but you will never be song starts playing when you walk in a room cool. I need John Williams to write me theme music.

I just love her face XD I can't stop laughing

34 Hilarious Jokes Only True Pretty Little Liars Fans Will Understand


Forgot the part about wanting to blow up EVERY LIVING THING after watching it buuuut pretty much summed it up

Funny because I love Phantom of the Opera! I sing it to myself often.

Funny Friendship Ecard: That moment you and your best friend talk shit about another person telepathically.

I love the overture to The Phantom of the Opera!

17 Pinterest Fails

One does not simply leave a Marvel movie before the end of the credits - Boromir, Lord of the Rings meme

The independent woman

All the single ladies text message yah I totally just did this to my best friend and she could respond for a minute because she was laughing so hard!