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How to Grow Onions - From Start to Finish

How to Grow Onions - From Start to Finish

Tips on growing your own white pumpkins

Saving Seeds: 7 Reasons Why and Dozens of Tips for How

5 Easy to Grow Mosquito-Repelling Plants 1. Citronella 2. Horsemint 3. Marigolds 4. Ageratum 5. Catnip

how to prune basil so it stays bushy and doesn't get leggy and nonproductive

Buy a pot you like and use Rustoleum's Glow-in-the-dark paint. Paint absorbs sunlight and glows at night.

Gardening with epsom-salts. This gives you a good explanation of how to apply to many different plants.

Cucumbers are sweeter when you plant them with sunflowers. Don't plant them with watermelons! It ruins the taste of the melons. Lots of other gardening tips on this blog.

17 Plants You Can Grow from Kitchen Scraps [Black Thumb Gardener]

Continuous cilantro method.

Re-grow Romaine Lettuce Hearts - just cut, place in water, and watch them grow back in days...

New roots & Plants from stem Cuttings. Really great information!!!

different levels of rock as a border looks neat and orderly but still natural.

1tsp epsom salts in 4 c warm water....spray on plant and then 10 days later it produces more fruit due to boost of magnesium... especially for tomatoes, peppers and roses. Worth a try.

Growing potatoes in a laundry basket

All you need to know for growing your own garlic, and all the reasons why you SHOULD grow your own garlic.

Detailed list of mineral deficiencies and what they look like on tomatoes.

the world's most perfect fertilizer + pesticide is epsom salt. This is so true- every other week- 1 gallon of water, 1 TBSP of miracle grow and 3 TBSP of epsom salt- I promise a great garden all season.

Companion Gardening--what to plant next to each other

How to build the perfect raised bed

Planting Schedule for Gardening Vegetables

Garden Row Snip-n-Drip Soaker System lets you create a convenient watering system for your vegetable garden. No special tools required — just use scissors to cut the hoses to the sizes you need. Snap the fittings in place and you're ready to water.

Brilliant! // Rope lighting around the garden...inexpensive, waterproof

Make your own raised garden bed for vege or flower planting with the kids.- Leela and Lucas Veggie garden!

Some helpful tips for growing Green Beans