Daniel Cortopassi

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Belmont, California  ·  I'm an artist, musician, and co-producer of railroad-themed video documentaries.
Daniel Cortopassi
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One Small Step Print - Daniel Cortopassi

One Small Step is an image of a cat paw print on the moon. It could happen.

Catbeard Print - Daniel Cortopassi

Catbeard is a spoof movie poster about a pirate cat.

Peeping Tom Print - Daniel Cortopassi

Peeping Tom is a spoof horror movie poster about a voyeuristic cat.

Mega-Cat Print | Daniel Cortopassi

Mega-Cat is a spoof horror movie poster about a giant mutant cat that terrorizes a city.

Tut's Cat Print | Daniel Cortopassi

Tut's Cat is a spoof horror movie poster about a cat mummy. Of course ancient Egyptians did actually mummify cats, so maybe this isn't so far fetched?

The Catroglyphs of China Lake Print | Daniel Cortopassi

The Catroglyphs of China Lake is a signed, limited edition fine art print of a drawing with an archeological cat theme.

Pancho's Cat Print | Daniel Cortopassi

Pancho's Cat Print is a reproduction of a drawing of a cat in a bandolier in the desert.

Sky City Express Print - Daniel Cortopassi

Sky City Express is a drawing of a rail line clinging to treacherous cliffs and soaring over tall bridges as it makes its way up to a city on a high tor.

My Pencil Box

My Pencil Box

Sneak Attack Print - Daniel Cortopassi

Sneak Attack is a drawing based on two real cats who were a part of my life for many years.