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Well Said

Well Said

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Collins Annoy One Special Person Box Sign

Collins Annoy One Special Person Box Sign | zulily


Made of stardust.

I am your parent AND your friend. I will talk to you, respect you, take an interest in your interests, create an environment of MUTUAL respect. I know that I am your first and longest lasting lesson about what friendship and love are. I want you to know that stalking, flipping out, hunting down, and being your worst nightmare are not love and have no place in a HEALTHY relationship.

I couldn’t have said it better myself…

True in our house :)

"I like hugs... I like kisses...but what I love is help with the dishes." Jacob Smith ;)

Past: If you must look back, remember the splendid things you did or learned from past mistakes. People: Sometimes things happen & it is tough to not want people to like us. But maybe they are not in your life for a reason? Money: It is nice to have but in the end the littlest things really do matter most.

hahaha it's the truth

"Laugh and the whole world laughs with you...snore and you sleep alone." | Shop Hobby Lobby

And vice versa...


Enough said.

Coffee. ♥ there are those days

When an atheist does a good deed they are doing it for the sole purpose of doing something nice, not as a means to earn a golden ticket to "heaven". Think about that for a while.

I have fabulous taste, but no one knows it, because I can't afford it!!!

And I press on.


Learn a lesson from your dog…

Or put on some chapstick & pop a top!


amen. :)


forget everyone & be yourself

Let's Deal WIth It and Move on!

Get over it!

True story