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Dan Clay

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Dan Clay
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Promotional event by Hahn Ice and the Wallabies

Working with personal trainer Sydney is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to get results. See how our boot camp members are achieving these amazing

Britney Spears Loses 15 Pounds Through Personal Training

Looking her most natural in years, Britney has been walking around and parading her svelte body and seems just about read to pump it up onstage very soon, thanks to her strict personal training regimen.

What to Eat Before and After a Workout for Better Results

The new year draws out the inward competitor in each one of us. The normal lounge chair potato chooses to go ahead, the end of the week warrior steps it up an indent, and the focused competitor gets somewhat more aggressive.

Police Fitness: Why We Need The Law Enforcers To Be Physically Fit

Register for our Dangerously Fit group training and get into the best physical condition you can ever be.

The Significance of Doing Compound Exercises

[caption align="aligncenter" Compound Exercise[/caption] Compound exercises have been obviously the more efficient and effective ways to a great body and weight loss.

Personal Training Motivation: What Keeps You Going?

Hiring personal trainers can get costly but people do it because the idea of having to answer to someone gives them that feeling of their workouts being “official”.

March Newsletter

Watch this Video And congratulations to our 6 Week Body male winner Tom.

DF Elite training Starts February 13th!

Will focus on developing the strength and cardio you need to complete Australia’s biggest obstacle race event of the year.

A ‘voluntary code of conduct’ for trainers using inner-city parks — including Hyde Park, would ruin the local industry, a fitness trainer warns.

OUTDOOR fitness groups would be limited to just 11 people and one trainer under a draft voluntary code of conduct for outdoor training proposed by the City of Sydney Council.

January Newsletter

Our new ‘Online Body Transformation’ program launched on January is available to you wherever you are.