iOS7 App Icon Template (.AI)

iOS7 App Icon Template (.AI)

Wanting for a royalty free icon, then App Icon Template (. I am happy to share with you today a set of Free App Icon Template (.

Free iOS 7 App Icon Guide by Seevi Kargwal. #freebie #psd #download #iOS7

iOS 7 app icons guide for the new icon dimensions which are now (compared to the previous size of and the border radius is now (compared to

Flat Icon Design for iOS7 Concept App

Flat Icon Design for Concept App

iOS 7 512px App Icon

A 1 hour app icon design work. Yeah, All flat icon.

Kicky App Icon

Kicky App Icon

An App Icon I made for my Final Project for my UI Design Class at LCAD. My app is called Kicky, which allows the users to find the nearest soccer pickup game, also works as a social media.

Project Noah iOS App Icon

Create your own Project Noah mission today! Project Noah has quickly become one of the most popular communities for nature exploration and d.

Francesco Cortese app icon ios7

francesco cortese app icon ios7

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