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Red Solo Cup Trailer Trash Party theme party red neck party

white trash party - twinkie eating contest, hostess cupcakes, cheez whiz and crackers, wonderbread with hot dogs, corn dogs?, tatertots off brand soda, frito chili dinners, tabasco, green jello salad, fruit cocktail, ketchup, pbj, little smokies (decor: cans of spam/spaghettios, plastic flamingos, random fast food napkins

Bridgey Widgey: White-Trash Party

string a line between two trees and show off your finest under garments, if they be your best bra or whitest briefs!

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trailer trash bash

Everything I want, and nothing I don't: Trailer trash bash

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How to plan a Redneck Party

highwaisted shorts and crop tops<3333333

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4rth of JULY!!!!!!! LOVE IT!

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Good god, I <3 Jack and her rock and roll style.

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Fergie and Josh Duhamel: Fergie and Josh Duhamel went zany for their Angelyne and Dennis Woodruff costumes.

Fergie and Josh Duhamel

White trash party...outfit idea for me...minus the shoes

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Love this! Reminds me of one of my exes. He'd let me do his makeup and hair at my house, but I wouldn't let him smoke inside so he'd end up going out to smoke looking all pretty, scared to death that someone would see him. Ha!

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Daniela Jarvis

"Trailer Park Princess"

Trailer Park Princess

Cute 4th of July Pictures | merica. Cute fourth of july outfit! by joanne

'merica. Cute fourth of july outfit!

White Trash Bash - Fake Hickey

Friday We're In Love: Camille's Dirty 30 Surprise Party

Red solo cup streamers fora redneck party.

Red Solo Cup Trailer Trash Party theme party red neck party

Pretend babies - White Trash Party Ideas ohhh and add a fake prego belly and you got it!

10 Awful Theme Party Ideas

Cute redneck party ideas! I like this truck bed buffet for an outdoor event.

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Redneck Party Costume ideas

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White Trash Wedding by Reno eNVy, via Flickr

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Crawfish Redneck

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Daniela Jarvis

Little Girl, Big World: 'Merica Party

Little Girl, Big World: 'Merica Party

Man's shirt transformed into a woman's dress. Ingenious!

Hollywood Tonight

Drink, drank, drunk<---- ohhh that explains your awful outfit choices...

Lip Service Ash Tray Print Leggings | Dolls Kill


Manitoba and Saskatchewan's only Canadian themed Bar & Grill