“В процессе, сделали за 2 сеанса, 8 часов/ In progress, 2 sessions, 8 hours ⚓️ #sashatattooingstudio #sashatattooing #linework #tattoo #love…”

PIN ME AT JLOUISUZIE Tatuagens Tatoos Tatuagem masculina Tatuagens pequenas Tatuagens pequenas Tatuagens pequenas masculinas Tatuagens femininas Tatuagens pequenas femininas Love the line work on this. Love the woodcut feel.

Elegant Portraits of Royalty by Laura Sheridan Belgian photographer Laura Sheridan works together with talented makeup artists, fashion designers and jewellers to create astonishing, fantastic portraits.

Male Aethaelci Concept (Gifting of a flower is known as a symbol of love between Aethalci, and white flowers symbolize pure affection from a male to a female)

thigh tattoo, black and grey

This would really be a nice rose tattoo. And in the back of the rose a nice vintage shading of a cross

Suicide King // Santiago Uceda for Black Rock Collective deck

Most Young Kings Get Their Heads Cut Off? Jean-Michel Basquiat Basquiat was only the Greatest Black Artist to Ever Live!

A-157 Wolf Men Temporary Tattoo Sticker Hand Tattoo

Wyuen Hot Design Fox Wolf Temporary Tattoo for Adult Waterproof Tatoo Sticker Body Art Watercolor Fake Tattoo Man Woman