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Austerlitz, Chasseur a cheval, Garde Imperiale

1805 12 02 Austerlitz, Chasseur a cheval, Garde Imperiale - Anatoly Telenik

Getúlio Vargas de bombacha, em 1938

Há 60 anos, o presidente Getúlio Vargas se matava

5th SS Panzer Division -Waffen SS soldiers shooting German P08 "LUGER PISTOL"

Waffen SS volunteers target practice with the Luger pistol. All Waffen SS soldiers were required to fully train with all infantry light weapons up to "bazooka" level. Machine gunners underwent additional technical and control fire training.

American soldiers disembarking on Omaha Beach, June 1944.

American soldiers on the way to Omaha Beach, 1944 -- look how young, just kids

WW2 Pacific - Japanese Imperial Army- Archives from Major Shokimi - 1932/42-  Sentinel.

Uniforms of Imperial Japan Japanese Imperial Army Pacific Japanese Imperial Army Archives from Major Shokimi .

Japanese troops fighting in the Russo-Japanese War.

Soldiers During Russo-Japanese War - Original caption:Waiting for Russian Cavalry attack on a hillside near Fakumen. - Rights Managed - Stock Photo - Corbis.

[Photo] A .30 caliber Browning water-cooled machine gun and its crew on Iwo Jima, circa Feb-Mar 1945 | World War II Database

A US Cal water cooled Browning machine-gun on Iwo Jima named the "Widow Maker".