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Iftimie Daniel
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Couch with a built-in, pull-out coffee table. If we can design and combine this with a built-in couch and other storage, we can have a pretty awesome living room with play, tv, and game space.

Vanhulsteijn Bicycle by Herman van Hulsteijn

Vanhulsteijn Bicycle by Herman van Hulsteijn Stainless steel frame with wooden rims. The unique frame is really eye-catching. Wonder what the ride is about. I emailed Herman and he sent me back some more details about his bikes.

Detroit Bicycle Company :: Fixed Gear Bikes Created In Detroit

Woodbridge Street by Detroit Bicycle Company ≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠ Detroit Bicycle Company frame/fork

Wooden Bicycles By Jan Gunneweg

BOUGH BIKE, JAN GUNNEWEG Dutch designer Jan Gunneweg sculpts bespoke wooden bikes from his workshop in Alkmaar. He’s planning to introduce a lower-priced wooden bicycle line.

YTL Residence, Kuala Lumpur

Paris-based Agence Jouin Manku took on its first large-scale integrated architectural and interior design commission in when YTL Design Group from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, invited it to design the residence of a Malaysian power family.

Madsen Cargo bikes

Madsen Cargo Bikes is a cool bicycles for transportation, utility and cargo. With Madsen Cargo bike, you can carry your cargo, such as

Madison Street Bike by Detroit Bicycle Company

Detroit Bicycle Company - "Madison Street" Bicycle, with partially copper plated frame

The New Stuttgart City Library - Germany

The New Stuttgart City Library - Germany. Korean architect Eun Young Yi’s proposal was selected in 1999 from 235 competition entries as the plan for the new central library of the City of Stuttgart.


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Shrouded House - Toorak, Melbourne

Shrouded House, Toorak in Melbourne, by Inarc Architects. Bronze, steel and glass give the house its contemporary sculptural presence. (on The Cool Hunter).