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❤ So you plant your own garden and decorate your own soul . { I came across this poem in the mid and have kept a copy of it posted in my home since then. And, Yes, I Do Plant My Own Garden and Decorate My Own Soul .

You can do this workout anywhere

No-Excuses Workout

Get Fit For No-Excuses Workout: Drop the excuses: we've made a workout you can do anywhere. Torch calories and build some metabolism-boosting muscle with these body-weight exercises. Simply warm up, work out, train your core, and you're done.

A mask that basically sucks your pimples & blackheads out...where was this when I had terrible skin?!

A mask that basically sucks your pimples & blackheads out…where was this when I had terrible skin? A mask that basically sucks your pimples & blackheads out…where was this when…

DIY Shellac. Bottles cost around $15 and will last for several uses.

DIY Shellac Manicure Sally Hansen Hard As Wraps Powerful Acrylic Gel My favorite nail polish (Seriously, Essie is amazing) Sally Hansen No Chip Acrylic Top Coat Start with clean, dry nails. Apply one coat of the Powerful Acrylic Gel. When its dry

stop being afraid

I live in fear. I live in fear of more abuse, i live in fear of my foster parents coming back and finding me. I live in fear everyday because of what happend to me as a kid.

Did not need much - love this quote! I think it explains us independent people quite well!

This speaks from my heart.TT "She did not need much. Wanted very little. A kind word. A garden. Books to read. A cozy bed. And to love and be loved in return.

At home crossfit workout-Finally a routine I can do!!

At home, cross fit workout crossfit motivation inspiration workout cardio WOD HIIT tabata burpees suck Nike Just Do It


Well mark me down as scared and horny.' it's funny because it's Loki.

Daughters remember this.

Funny Friendship Ecard: When I get old I dont want people thinking What a sweet little old lady. I want em saying Oh crap! This is gonna be me!

It is YOUR Life : Quotes

Eventually, you'll let go of how things should be and start to see possibilities based on reality. It's YOUR life, grasp the steering wheel and force yourself to pay attention to where you're goin