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I'm Not Addicted To Reading (White Ink) | Tank


Never let someone make you ashamed of what you love to #read. ^^THIS! Read what you like, not what you're told that you should like.


14 Books You'll Want to Read in One Sitting

Angela Pisel's poignant debut explores the complex relationship between a mother and a daughter, and their quest to discover the truth and whether or not love can prevail—even from behind bars. ...

Here are some tips to make the transition from teacher to administrator a productive one and sure to set you off on the path to success.

15 Best Leadership Books Every Young Leader Needs To Read

People keep calling this "the next Twilight." I consider that an insult. This series has good writing and a heroine that's actually worth looking up to. She's tough, independent, and doesn't throw her whole life away on the first guy that shows interest.