DIY Button Thumb Tacks for colorful bulletin boards. Love this idea from Inspired by Charm

DIY Button Thumb Tacks

Insanely simple, but totally adorable - DIY Button Thumb Tacks.OR use earring blanks instead of thumbtacks, and have totally adorable - DIY Button Earrings!

This is why you should NEVER throw out those old cookie sheets! :-)

"Shoot, I just threw away eight cookie trays!" said a reader when she saw this great (organizing) idea:

Cookie Sheet Magnetic Memo Board ~ This is why you should NEVER throw out those old cookie sheets! This would work perfect for sticking my little bead containers toooo. Omg just everything is going to be magnetic holy moly

GET ORGANIZED in 2016! Banish the clutter and get the whole family organized with a family command center or family organization wall.

The BEST Family Command Center Options

A family command center is the key to keeping a busy family organized! And I have found for you the BEST family command center options for…

I just pinned this on my Office Space board, but I am going to pin in here, too, b/c I might use the wallpaper idea for my scrapbooking corner at some point.

maybe a sheet of cool wallpaper on a board to use as a bulletin board IHeart Organizing: Stationery Station

Mason jar desk organizers DIY using wrapping paper and baker's twine. Full tutorial included thanks to @paintschips.

Mason Jar Desk Organizers

Easy desk storage and organizer idea using mason jars. Mason jar desk organizers DIY using wrapping paper and baker's twine.

Pinterest Completed Ideas / Re-purposed bulletin board used to hang jewelery.

Saw this cool DIY ♥ Jewelry Board & had to share. Just put wrapping paper over a bulletin board. This is my kind of's so simple, yet cute AND it involves jewelry :)

AMAZING Cork Board Makeover! Only cost $12!

Faux Nail Head Trimmed Cork Board {Message Board

Faux Nail Head Trimmed Cork Board {Cork Board Makeover} An idea for my office. Not on my desk but over it would be nice.

14 things you didn't know you could decoupage. Clipboards: Which, yeah, you then hang on the wall instead of a cork bulletin board to keep papers organized. via @tania0809

The Snug Is Now a Part of

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. Diy Crafts Ideas I love this simple idea: embellish old clipboards with vintage (or new) paper to bring your personality to the office!

Organizher Products, sharing the sources for our Organization Station project. #Organizher

Another great idea for a small space command center - the side of the fridge holds the calendar and spots for paper while the wall holds an oversized pin board that's versatile in its functionality!

Cork Board Message Center with a Basket

Creative work space / Cork pin board wall / Wall Cork Board you can make diy cork board for your home and corkboard for your home office.

I can handle putting a pin sized hole in my wall.

put a thumb tack in your wall and glue a magnet onto a fake flower. Stick the flower onto the tack. A magnet will stick to a thumb tack! Never thought of that!