Funny pictures about He's Going Places. Oh, and cool pics about He's Going Places. Also, He's Going Places photos.

I laughed, then felt bad about it.

Cow and pig are BFFs

Wine and Starbucks

Wine and Starbucks

News you can use: The Starbucks Trenta cup can hold an entire bottle of wine. And although the Starbucks Trenta cup technically holds more liquid than the average human stomach, I know for a fact…

True story.

Free and Funny News Ecard: I just met a Girl Scout with a credit card reader on her phone. Shit just got real.

Amen!! Hilarious!  This explains half of the women in my family!

I'm honestly convinced some women do not fart. They just hold it in, and it comes out as drama. Pleeeaaasseee women release the "Craken" We would rather smell the fart, than see the drama !

What in the name of all is Holy does he have in there?? A small child? A loaf of bread? A puppy??

"What in the name of all is Holy does he have in there? A small child? A loaf of bread? A puppy?" <<Hahahah, her caption is what makes this so hilarious, 'a small child' lol

Best Star Wars pun ever!!!

Funny pictures about Millennium Falcon bass. Oh, and cool pics about Millennium Falcon bass. Also, Millennium Falcon bass photos.

this is my goal in life now!

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Hahaha, fall in love with someone who treats you like Kanye treats Kanye. That's true love.

OMG, laughing so hard right now!

How did I not realize this before?

So Chip & Dale live in an alternative universe. Tom Seleck was due to play Indiana Jones, what if in an alternative universe Magnum PI & Indiana Jones did get played by Tom Seleck, and if this the case does this make Chip & Dale Tyler Durdin?