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Cob oven heats up to 450 degrees F (230*C) in 20 minutes, can get up to 800 degrees F (426*C) - I want one of these doomsday or not!! :)

Build Your Own Wood-Fired Earth Oven

Outdoor Pizza Oven: Build Your Own For $20 | Instructions and Slideshare so you can build your own. | Tiny Homes

Build Your Own Cob Oven Serving freshly baked pizza and bread in your outdoor living area is a great way to entertain your family and friends. This cob oven may look like a pixie house, but it will allow you to bake homemade pizza and bread for years.

Build a Simple Earth Bread Pizza Oven

Build a wood fired earth oven with readily available materials, and make pizzas, breads, cookies! | via A piece of rainbow blog