This particular image stuck out to me because of the colour contrast it has and the density the image itself portrays, i would of liked to have an eye as detailed as this in my logo but i feel it could ruin my time management with completing this project.

Landscape photos can be stunning in appearance, but they are not the only way to present new worlds through the art of photography. Closing in on an object or

As I stand here sparkling with icy dew, all I can do is think of you. Just a simple photomanip. Due to the large size of the stock photos, my computer g... Icy Dew

Today I am going to showcase you with some really beautiful and stunning examples of eye manipulation art. These eyes were macro shot and digitally manipulated to give them such an elegant and eye-catching look.

bio-diversity: “ Chameleon eye by Zeuge Mandela ”

The eyes are the key to soul. So although the exterior of the ambassadors has been changed they still have their eyes which show glimmers of the person they are inside, and who they used to be.

Alligator eye

Animal Eye Close-Up Images Show The Intricate Beauty Of Real Creatures (PHOTOS)

In this article you will see the Graphic design examples from all over the World. Graphic design is a lot like languages. It’s an identity; beautiful and enigmatic. Graphic design varies from culture to culture, influenced by a country’s culture, …


Anthony Gucciardi Natural Society The bottom line behind a lot of what I write about and share is the fact that the human body is truly an amazing creation, complete with an astounding natural defense system and the capacity to experience a wide...