DIY baby shoes

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Trendy Swaddle Blanket

Trendy Swaddle Blankets! 24 New Patterns!

Printable Star Wars Baby Shower Game

Printable Star Wars Baby Shower Decor | The Printable Party - Customizable, Printable Party Decorations and Invitations

How to get your 9-12 month old baby on a consistent sleeping and feeding schedule. #schedule #parenting #babies

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Brand sparkling New Baby Gown Hospital outfit baby by PurplePossom

Brand sparkling New Baby Gown Hospital outfit baby shower gift take home outfit photo prop gift new mom Brand sparkling new glitter gown

10 Ways To Quickly Get Organized With Baby | Cute Pacifier Storage

10 Ways to Quickly Get Organized with Baby

My tried and true baby favorites!

Baby Favorites | Maskcara

Homemade Graham Crackers are so easy to make and taste so much better than store-bought! And they make the very best S'mores..

Homemade Graham Crackers - Something Swanky

Johnson's Creamy Baby Oil = Mosquito Repellant

Johnson's Creamy Baby Oil Mosquito Repellant - natureb4

Toddler Discipline Without Shame

Potty training in three days (18 months & up ) Your Modern Family

4 Ways to help your Toddler Stay in Bed and Go to Sleep. Moving from a crib to a big kid bed is a HUGE milestone. But the transition isn’t always easy. For some parents it is a day of celebration. For others, it’s the day they have been dreading. Here are some ways to help your toddler stay in bed and fall asleep.

4 Ways to Help Your Toddler Stay in Bed {and Go to Sleep} - Beauty in the Mess

Transitions: Potty Training

Transitions: Potty Training in 3 Days - Playground Parkbench

transitioning a child from crib to bed can be tough ~ 5 Tips for a Smooth Transition from Crib to Toddler Bed

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White noise, wherever you go. (And at less than $10, kind of a no-brainer.)

myBaby SoundSpa On The Go on weeSpring

Wine Tutu Leggings: Sweet Sugar Kids Couture

Wine Tutu Leggings: Sweet Sugar Kids Couture

Shrinkx Belly Postpartum Belly Band. Great postpartum belt for both c-section recovery and vaginal deliveries. Reduces swelling and gets your pre-pregnancy belly back.

Shrinkx Postpartum Compression Products | UpSpring Baby

To make when I'm approx. 6mos preggers and decide to teach myself to sew in a fit of nesting :)

A Babble of Bibs

Grey Elephant Quilt Navy Yellow Grey by Nooches on Etsy

Pinned from Best wrap! I love my solly baby wrap! Thinner, softer than the Moby. I can't say enough amazing things about this wrap!

Fancy Napkin: .loving: the wrap by solly baby.

"Bellefit was especially great for pain management and support during recovery from my second c-section. I felt instant relief after putting it on in the early postpartum days. As I healed, the corset continued to provide my stomach with support as I became more active, as well as helped to close my diastasis recti, and aided in shrinking my postpartum stomach back into its pre-pregnancy shape. Now, at 7 weeks postpartum, I am back at my pre-pregnancy size and I still use my corset ...

Bellefit Maternity

DIY Burp mom is a pro at making these, but love the ruffles for a girlie girl!

This Crazy, Blessed Life: {Bringing Home Baby} Chic Burp Cloths

make your own Aden and Anais swaddle blankets- much cheaper # Pin++ for Pinterest #

Celebrate Baby—TUTORIAL: gauzey swaddle blankets | MADE

Bits on the Butlers: Pacifier Clip Tutorial. So fast, so cute, I made a whole bunch of them.

Bits on the Butlers: Pacifier Clip Revised

Best Baby Products 2014 based on real mom reviews and testing!

Best Baby Products 2014 • The Wise Baby