Why didn't I know about this?!  Links to workouts (p90x, zumba, and insanity) streamed for FREE.

Why didnt I know about this? Links to workouts zumba, and insanity) streamed for FREE. Why didnt I know about this? Links to workouts zumba, and insanity) streamed…

10 Moves for Thinner Thighs

Top 10 Moves for Thinner Thighs

A Mother's Love!

So true! Best feeling in the world! All my troubles are forgotten when my children wrap their arms around me! Feeling blessed this afternoon best kids ever need t stay as positive as I can x

Now that's awesome! Not me, but I am working towards a similar outcome! :P This is serving as some personal motivation to get me moving and eating healthier.

Getting Ready to try this Body by Vi - friend of mine is selling it. This girl's transformation is a result of Body by Vi, a nutritional shake and exercise. It's the best weight loss program I have ever done!

This is a fantastic list of fabulous things you can do for your New Mom friends (especially if you're a mom yourself!)

100 Ways to Encourage a New Mom.Things I would have never thought of until I became a new mom! Definitely going to pass on all the support I've received to every new Mom I will know! Thank you friends and family!

Still mad you only lost one pound?

makes one pound lost a good thing.atleast the one pound lost multiplies over time, next thing you know you have lost

True as it's said. And to be honest, this is something we quite often forget. At least I do. At times it can feel as if whatever you're doing got easier. But do know that it is YOU that got better at doing it, and not the "thing" that got easier ;

Enjoy The Little Things

Enjoy the little things in life. One day you'll look back and realize they were the big things. Live each day to the fullest and have fun. No need to stress over the little things. Just enjoy the life God graced you with.

how to lose a muffin top without running

How to Lose a Muffin Top Without Running

how to lose a muffin top without running. Hint: exercise is still involved! A MUST have for those who get home too late to run and dont have a treadmill.

Gwyneth Paltrow on staying in shape. So true. Can't complain about other people being skinnier or more fit than you are. Those that are work hard! Eat clean and work hard. Thank you Gwyneth!

Ab Workout Routine For Women. fitness abs technology flat-stomach fitness

Want a great at-home fat burning, muscle toning workout? Check out this great Plyometrics Routine that will kick your booty!

Top 10 arm moves for killer looking arms

Arm Workouts: The Top 10 Arm Moves

Top 10 moves for killer arms with out hurting your wrists. via Fitness Magazine - Buh bye fatty arms