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Temple of Concord, Agrigento - Sicily .... the most intact ... (440 BC-430 BC)…

Aggrigento, Sicily, Italy - the most intact remain of the Greek Temples. I actually remember walking past the small shops and then up the patch to the temple. I was about old when I lived in Sicily

cezinho78: “Yellow for a change. #menswear #drakes #orazioluciano #egcappelli #kamakurashirts #drakeslondon #ocbd ”

Spring menswear with a bold yellow sweater best with geometric pattern necktie and pocket square with navy blazer!

Sono 300 le incisioni di Marc Chagall dedicate alle favole di La Fontaine, una suite di esemplari a grandi margini, colorate a mano e fir...

Marc Chagall & Jean de La Fontaine ~ Favole a Colori

Tommasi Amarone Classico 2010

Tommasi Amarone Classico 2010