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Dynasphere Evolution

Alternative Transportation - "Monowheel" hand-cranked and pedal-powered versions were built in the late century. Most built in the century have been motorized. An electric monowheel called Dynasphere was tested in 1932 in the UK.

2013 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. This is what heavy weather sailing looks…

This is what heavy weather sailing looks like. Sails reduced to a hankerchief sized storm sail. This as opposed to a popular photoshopped pin of a sailboat in huge seas under full sail leaving no wake.

Volvo Ocean Race

CT Sailbattens in action, Volvo Ocean Race C-Tech has supplied carbon sail battens for every Volvo Ocean Race competitor since

FREEMAN BIKES progressive triking

FREEMAN BIKES progressive triking

Wooden Sailboats,

Classic sailing lifestyle at its' finest. Wooden Sailboats, by Dittekarina "A life at sea . well, one can dream anyway!