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Danielle McIntyre

Danielle McIntyre
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It's back! Canada's Luckiest Student 2 is now live at http://luckie.st/CLS2PIN.  Do you know a Canadian student who could use $20,000 for school and a bunch of awesome prizes? Please share this!

Canada's Luckiest Student Might as well try!

Breakfast Ham Cups. Great for doing protein breakfast!

Breakfast Ham & egg Cups To make this a Keto breakfast, I'll forgo the hash browns, use regular vs. reduced fat cheese, and ham that hasn't been sugar cured. Kirkland brand deli ham has no carbs!

Baked Mozzarella Bites

I used the pearls but they were too small. Would buy the bigger balls or cut cheese sticks next time. Gooey Baked Mozarella that's been marinated and oh so flavorful! Seriously so easy and your whole family will be begging for more!

1. Buy plates from Dollar Store    2. Write things with a Sharpie   3. Bake for 30 mins in the 150 oven and it's permanent! cute gift idea

Buy plates from Dollar Store Write things with a Sharpie Bake for 30 mins in the oven @ 150 degrees and it's permanent! Put a recipe, verse or song lyric on it give as gift. Or "happy birthday" plates for the kiddos!