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Aesthetics: Science, Technology, Nature

Exactly as the title suggests. Aesthetics of science and technology: technoscience or technoscience-inspired things I find to be beautiful.

Aesthetics: Science, Technology, Nature

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Radolarians are unicellular protozoa that form glass skeletons and live exclusively in the ocean. They absorb silica from ocean water to construct tiny glass skeletons 0.1 to 2 mm in diameter. When they die, their hard skeletons sink and settle on the sea floor.

Comatricha Nigra. Slime mold.

Stemonitis fusca is a rather marvelous species of slime mold that carries its jelly-like spore-forming fruiting bodies on curious stilts | photo by Nick Cantle

Marble Cathedral, among the most beautiful cave networks in the world; Patagonia, Chile. (Catedrala din marmura, probabil cea mai frumoasa retea de pesteri din lume; Patagonia, Chile.)

Yucatan barrier reef..caves!

A scanning electron microscope image of spider silk glands making a thread originally from Dennis Kunkel Microscopy.

Amanda Nelsen composes pictures from thousands of pieces of junk mail, folded and string-bundled into 2 inch cubes to create colored pixels.