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The Universe

The Universe

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image from deep space


The Orion Nebula.


The planet Venus is covered in such dense atmosphere that we never saw it's surface until radar was applied to the task. Have a look at our nearest neighbour, a planet almost exactly the same size as Earth. Venus is also in the habitable zone of the Sun, and yet it had a very different fate. At one point water may have flowed on Venus, and the surface may have had life. However by now any such life most certainly would have been destroyed.

Nebulosa Carina

The Orion Nebula.


namibian milky way

milky way


when the moon hits your eye...


Stars Brewing in Cygnus X

Image of two tangled galaxies

The Umbra of Earth

Northern Lights in Alaska.. i want to go!

This spectacular “blue marble” image is the most detailed true-color image of the entire Earth to date.

A spiral galaxy that may have a black hole at it's center.

In pictures: Top 20 Hubble Space Telescope images

While we are worrying about what to make for supper, the universe is busy creating stars.

solar flare

If the Hubble telescope is able to capture this many stars in a small portion of the universe, how can we possibly be so arrogant to think that we are alone?