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I'm addicted to Netflix & my queue is never ending. These are items that I watched on Instant Watch & my review of them. Some may no longer be available.

The Returned. I've only watched 3 episodes (out of 8) but I'm completely obsessed. This show is being remade for America, this is the French version. But it's about a group of people that have returned from the dead. It's super weird & the little boy is creepy. But it's so amazingly good. Hopefully it continues to be this good. I recommend it, so far!

Haunter. Lisa is dead. She must figure out why to prevent it from happening again to another family. This movie was entirely too long. Took her too long to figure out why she was dead. Blah blah blah. Then in the end she goes back in time. They decide the "film" should twitch. Didn't give it an old timey feel, just made it give me a headache. Annoying. & I just don't understand how he came to be defeated. & wtf, does the dad just go on as if nothing happens? Interesting idea, poorly executed.

Upside Down. Adam lives in one world. Eden in another. The words are upside down to each other with separate gravities, making it practically impossible for them to be together. But can love make it work. This was a cute movie that I really enjoyed. I had been waiting a long time to see it & I was not disappointed. Highly recommended.

The Brass Teapot. What if you came across an object that gives you money each time you get hurt or hurt someone? How far would you go? What if it kept upping the stakes? I love Juno Temple & Michael, so the cast was amazing. The story is great! I highly recommend this!

Romantics Anonymous. She is a chocolatier who is painfully shy. He is a chocolate shop owner who is painfully shy. Can they team up to save his business & possibly overcome their shyness in the quest of love? Freaking adorable. If you need a charming & funny romance, watch this. It's French, but that just makes it better.

  • LynsieM

    Dani, I always liked your views on movies. Im glad you created this board. I think when we get into our house I will watch one of your "recommended" movies weekly! =)

  • Dani Reumont

    Thanks @LynsieM, let me know which ones you watch & what you think

Populaire. Rose is a terrible secretary but an amazing typist. Her boss hires her in order to shape her up into a champion typer so she can become the fastest typer in the world! Sounds totes lame, I know. I didn't expect much. It's one if the best romances I've seen in a while. Completely adorable. Watch it! The French know how to make a romance

The Host. 'Aliens' have invaded earth & are using our bodies as hosts. When Wanderer is placed in Melanie's body, she gets more than she bargained for as Mel tries to rebel from the inside out. Slightly disappointing. The book is AMAZING. The movie could have been better, but they did a decent job.

Chalet Girl. Kim, an ex champion skateboarder, takes a chalet job to earn money for her father & her. After hearing about a contest for snowboarding, she must set aside her fears to accept the challenge. With a cute love story as well, of course. Not a Westwick fan, but this movie was surprisingly cute. I really enjoyed it.

Lovelace. The story of Linda. I really enjoyed this! It was so sad & so good. While there is debate on how accurate this is, it was still such a sad story. Great cast though! Highly recommended.

Sidewalks of New York. Follows six people as they navigate love in New York. Told documentary style. Not the best, not the worst, just kinda whatever.

Paradise. Lamb was badly burned in a plane crash that destroyed her life & her faith. She decides to take her settlement & see what life has to offer in Las Vegas. While I'm not a fan of Hough, I enjoyed this movie. It was sad & silly & cute. While I wish the ending had worked out differently, it was still a nice ending.

The Guilt Trip. Andy has created a safer cleaning agent. He takes his mom along as he pitches his idea. But the real reason is to hopefully reconnect his mom with her first love. This movie was far better than I expected. Funny, cute, sweet. I loved it.

Drinking Buddies. Luke is dating Jill. Kate is dating Chris. But it seems like they should all just switch partners. While not a fantastic movie, the ending was good. It's also impressive that this movie is mainly improvised. & it has Nick Milker (Jake Johnson) in it

The Talented Mr. Ripley. Ripely is sent to bring Dickie back home. But after Dickie 'romances' & then ditches Ripley, things take a darker turn. I was not impressed. I was actually rather bored, which was sad as I thought this was supposed to be a good movie. It has a fantastic cast, but just seemed to drag on. Not recommended, in my opinion.

Sexy Evil Genius. An woman, fresh out of jail from murder, brings her ex-lovers together to tell them some news. But is it good news, or is she plotting murder? This was kinda lame, but also kinda good. If you have some time to waste, you may regret watching this but the end was pretty good.

Syrup. Scat comes up with a brilliant new energy drink. After trusting the wrong people he has to fight for what is his. It's interesting... More about society & marketing. I liked that aspect.

The Kitchen. Jennifer is turning 30. Her friends throw her a birthday party. Everything goes wrong. I thought this was supposed to be funny. But it wasn't. Idk how I made it through the whole thing. Not recommended.

Flowers in the Attic. I tried to watch this before the new lifetime version. I got 30 minutes into it. Terrible acting. Just blah.

Devil's Pass. Inspired by a true story of the Dyatlov Pass incident. Kinda lame. It was like The Cave in a super science fiction way. I enjoyed it until the end. It had so much potential too, with an already creepy inspiration.

Burke and Hare. Burke & Hair kill people to sell their bodies for medical research. Not as funny as it could be, not my favorite Simon Pegg movie, but not terrible. I wouldn't watch it again though.

Bates Motel. Not what I had in mind. Thought it would be more of him killing people, but it's a unique show.

Branded. I don't even know how to really describe this movie, because it will be misleading. I was excited to see this. When I saw the trailer last year, I thought it looked weird & interesting. It is weird. Not interesting. The first half of the movie is spent setting up the last half. It was overkill. It was boring. I stopped paying attention. It got a little more interesting when it got weird, but I really don't remember what happened. So pass on this.

  • Stasi Hart

    i could not even get my head around this movie...dark and obscure are my thing but this was just planned badly i think. i will do you a favor and tell you to pass on "antiviral" too.

Tonight You're Mine. After getting into a fight, a stranger handcuffs two singers together, making their lives a nightmare. Having to put on a show & explain the circumstances to their significant others only complicated things. These two actors had such amazing chemistry, I loved them together. The story was endearing, cute, romantic. I really enjoyed it & thought it was fantastic. Shot on location during an actual music festival, which just adds another layer to its charm. Highly recommended.

Family Weekend. When her neurotic parents miss her jump rope competition, Emily takes matters into her own hands. She kidnaps her parents in an attempt to teach them how to be a family. A cute, often sad movie. Really crazy but I enjoyed it. It was WAY better than I had expected & I loved the ending.

Heavenly Creatures. Pauline & Juliet are the best of friends. They will let nothing stand in their way, including Pauline's own mother. Based off of the terrible crime that took place in New Zealand in the 50's. Such a disturbing story & the film does well to tell it. Also the starting point for Winslet.