I'm addicted to Netflix & my queue is never ending. These are items that I watched on Instant Watch & my review of them. Some may no longer be available.
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The One I Love. Ethan & Sophie's marriage is crumbling, so their therapist suggest they visit his guest cottage in order to reconnect with one another & hopefully save their relationship. You really can't go into detail about this movie, without giving away the twist. & it's a crazy twist. & idk how I feel about the ending. The movie was crazy, it's worth a watch.

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Labor Day. When Adele & Henry offer Frank a ride home, they have no clue how this will turn their lives upside down. As police search for Frank, an escaped convict, they begin to learn the truth. I really enjoyed this movie. I thought it was so adorable. & sweet. & the ending was perfect. Highly recommended. I want to read the book.

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Lovestruck: The Musical. When he daughter says she won't return to the stage after her wedding, Harper sets out to sabotage the wedding, with the help of a magical potion that makes her young again. I put this on for background noise as I crocheted, but it wasn't too terrible. Kinda of cute. A cliche ABC family movie.

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Ass Backwards. Kate & Chloe embark on a road trip to their childhood town in order to compete & win a beauty pageant they had lost years ago. It took two attempts in order for me to get through this movie. & the second attempt I was barely watching, as I was crocheting the whole time. I don't think this movie is worth the effort. Its good background noise, but I wouldn't recommend it.

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In Your Eyes. Rebecca & Dylan are connected in a way that no one else is: telepathically. This movie is weird. I almost stopped watching it cause it just seemed way too cheesy (Mainly the dialogue), but when I saw that Whedon wrote it, I gave it a shot. & it was cute. It wasn't my favorite, or even top favorite, but I did like it. I thought it was cute & the ending was cute. I would recommend it.

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Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. When two social outcasts get their high school reunion invitation, they set out to remake themselves in order to impress everyone who looked down on them in high school. I LOVE this movie. I've seen it maybe 100+ times, but it never gets old.

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Troop Beverly Hills. A spoiled housewife decides to lead her daughters wilderness group in order to prove to her husband that she is not a trophy wife. I'm sure a ton of people think this movie is lame, but I saw it when I was younger & I've always loved it. I think it's cheesy & goofy & I love it.

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Dream House. Will has just left his high stress job & house, to move with his family to quiet New England, but he soon discovers his new house was the site of several brutal murders & it seems like the murder is stalking the grounds once more. I was interested in the movie when I first saw trailers, but the trailers seemed to give away the whole movie. While they did hint away at a lot of the movie, there was still a slight twist that I didn't expect. I enjoyed this movie, & I enjoyed the ca...

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Stardust. In order to win over his true love, Tristan sets out to retrieve a star that has fallen from the sky & assumed human form. Meanwhile, a witch is after the same prize so she can secure her eternal youth. I was highly interested in this movie when it first came out & while it wasn't as amazing as I thought it would be, it was still cute. I'm not a huge fan of Danes, but De Niro's character was AMAZINGLY perfect, he's probably the best part of the movie.

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Gilmore Girls. Lorelai Gilmore, single mom & coffee addict, is raising her only child, Rory, the best way she can. I had always loved this show, but I had never seen it from start to finish, so I was happy when it was added! Very cute. Highly recommended, of course. Yay Luke! Boo Christopher!

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The Double. Simon is timid & often overlooked. When James comes to town, everything takes a horrific turn because James is his exact physical double, but completely the opposite with his confidence & charisma. Simon must take charge before it's too late. This movie sort of reminded me of 1984, it was weird. But an interesting watch.

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One Day. Emma & Dexter have a one night stand after graduating from college. After that, they meet up once a year to check in with one another. This movie was annoying. I do not like her accent in it. & the ending was awful. Not what I was expecting. I felt let down. I wanted a happy ending & while there was a happy ending, it wasn't the happy ending I had hoped.

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Forces of Nature. After his flight is grounded, Ben is forced to rent a car in order to make it to his wedding, but with Sarah in the passenger seat, he begins to question his marriage. This was just an ok movie, but the ending surprised me. I feel like it wasn't the normal ending for a movie like this. In some ways I like the ending, but in other ways I wish it was the cliche ending.

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Criminal Minds. Follows a group of profilers who work together in order to try & prevent criminals from striking again. I was very excited when this show was added to Netflix & I proceeded to binge watch it. I really enjoyed it, was sad when Patinka left, but his replacement was ok. I love the relationship between Derek & Penelope & I love Spencer.

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The Haunting. Dr. Marrow is conducting a sleep study in which Theo, Luke & Nell are taking part, but when it turns out that the mansion they are staying in is haunted, things go awry. This movie was just eh. It was too long for the story, which was only mildly interesting.

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The Right Kind of Wrong. Leo is a daydreamer who has a big problem: He just fell in love with the girl of his dreams on her wedding day. This movie was pretty cute. I watched it for Ryan but I ended up enjoying it. The ending was enjoyable. But mainly, this movie makes me want two Persian cats named Snow & Balls.

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Alien Abduction. A family is camping when they are soon visited & hunted by Aliens. This movie was like The Blair Witch, but with Alies. It had some good moments, some good characters. It wasn't the worst I've ever seen, but it wasn't the best.

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The Big Wedding. When their son is set to marry, a divorced couple must pretend to be happily married in order for the their adopted sons visiting mother will approve of the wedding. I didn't have any expectations for this movie, as I had never heard of it, though it had a good cast of well known actors. It was cute & funny & I actually ended up enjoying it.

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Thanks for Sharing. Adam is a recovering sex addict who is trying to take control of his life when he meets & falls for Phoebe. I mainly watched this because I am a fan of Ruffalo, but it turned into a cute, charming romantic comedy that I really enjoyed.

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Devil's Knot. Based off the true story of the murder of three 8 year olds in Arkansas. It is, of course, a very sad movie since it's based off of real events, but if you enjoy real crime dramas, it's a good watch.

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Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father. After Andrew was murdered by his ex-grilfriend, his friend Kurt set out to make a documentary so that Andrew's son, Zachary, would know the type of man his father was. This is a true story that is both incredible touching, happy, & sad. If you like crime shows, I would suggest watching this, even if you know all the information on Andrew Bagby's death.

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Mr. Nobody. Nemo is the last mortal & as his last days on earth are approaching, he is interviewed to relive his life & give insight on the life of mortals. He shows the decision he made & how they affected him. This movie was crazy. It's long too. But I liked it. A lot. But it's hard for me to real describe it where it makes sense, but I suggest watching it. I feel like it's one of those movies where I'll have to watch it twice to fully understand it.

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Someone Marry Barry. Barry is super inappropriate & his friends are getting tired of him ruining their lives. The solution: Marry him off. However, the girl of his dreams is Barry in female form, making everything worse! The cast was great! This movie was hilarious. It's like a romantic comedy, but for guys. I really loved it!

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Girl Most Likely. After her boyfriend dumps her, Imogene stages a suicide, winding up in the hospital & being forced to move back in with her mom, who has a crazy boyfriend & a new tenant. She has to rebuild her life & learn to accept who she is & where she came from. I really like Wiig & she did a great job in this movie. I'm not a huge Criss fan, but he & Wiig had good chemistry, in my opinion. Cute, funny & a good watch.

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Mixology. A show that follows 5 men & 5 women over one night at a bar as they try to find that special someone to take home. I really did not expect much from this show, the previews I had seen made it seems cute, so I gave it a shot. & wound up watching the whole season in one day. I really enjoyed it & thought it was adorable & funny, some interesting characters.

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