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I'm addicted to Netflix & my queue is never ending. These are items that I watched on Instant Watch & my review of them. Some may no longer be available.
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The One I Love. Ethan & Sophie's marriage is crumbling, so their therapist suggest they visit his guest cottage in order to reconnect with one another & hopefully save their relationship. You really can't go into detail about this movie, without giving away the twist. & it's a crazy twist. & idk how I feel about the ending. The movie was crazy, it's worth a watch.


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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Lovestruck: The Musical. When he daughter says she won't return to the stage after her wedding, Harper sets out to sabotage the wedding, with the help of a magical potion that makes her young again. I put this on for background noise as I crocheted, but it wasn't too terrible. Kinda of cute. A cliche ABC family movie.


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The Double. Simon is timid & often overlooked. When James comes to town, everything takes a horrific turn because James is his exact physical double, but completely the opposite with his confidence & charisma. Simon must take charge before it's too late. This movie sort of reminded me of 1984, it was weird. But an interesting watch.


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Devil's Knot. Based off the true story of the murder of three 8 year olds in Arkansas. It is, of course, a very sad movie since it's based off of real events, but if you enjoy real crime dramas, it's a good watch.


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Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father. After Andrew was murdered by his ex-grilfriend, his friend Kurt set out to make a documentary so that Andrew's son, Zachary, would know the type of man his father was. This is a true story that is both incredible touching, happy, & sad. If you like crime shows, I would suggest watching this, even if you know all the information on Andrew Bagby's death.


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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Labor Day. When Adele & Henry offer Frank a ride home, they have no clue how this will turn their lives upside down. As police search for Frank, an escaped convict, they begin to learn the truth. I really enjoyed this movie. I thought it was so adorable. & sweet. & the ending was perfect. Highly recommended. I want to read the book.


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Mr. Nobody. Nemo is the last mortal & as his last days on earth are approaching, he is interviewed to relive his life & give insight on the life of mortals. He shows the decision he made & how they affected him. This movie was crazy. It's long too. But I liked it. A lot. But it's hard for me to real describe it where it makes sense, but I suggest watching it. I feel like it's one of those movies where I'll have to watch it twice to fully understand it.


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Stardust. In order to win over his true love, Tristan sets out to retrieve a star that has fallen from the sky & assumed human form. Meanwhile, a witch is after the same prize so she can secure her eternal youth. I was highly interested in this movie when it first came out & while it wasn't as amazing as I thought it would be, it was still cute. I'm not a huge fan of Danes, but De Niro's character was AMAZINGLY perfect, he's probably the best part of the movie.


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Dream House. Will has just left his high stress job & house, to move with his family to quiet New England, but he soon discovers his new house was the site of several brutal murders & it seems like the murder is stalking the grounds once more. I was interested in the movie when I first saw trailers, but the trailers seemed to give away the whole movie. While they did hint away at a lot of the movie, there was still a slight twist that I didn't expect. I enjoyed this movie, & I enjoyed the…


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Criminal Minds. Follows a group of profilers who work together in order to try & prevent criminals from striking again. I was very excited when this show was added to Netflix & I proceeded to binge watch it. I really enjoyed it, was sad when Patinka left, but his replacement was ok. I love the relationship between Derek & Penelope & I love Spencer.


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