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Chair Yoga - Using props such as chairs, blocks, blankets, bolsters, straps, and the wall, will help you get into poses easily and safely. All poses can be modified in some way or another to make them more successful. via Toni Kuhn

Digital Download Yoga Sloths Grid Art Print Wall by TodayTripper

Pin now, practice later! How to do grasshopper pose. Wearing: Zella leggings, Sweaty Betty tank

75 Minute Intermediate (Focus on Arm Balances B) p1

75 Minute Intermediate (Focus on Nataranjasana) p1

Hip opening yoga poses (This is essential for folks like me - need to build up the glutes to balance the hips, but if the hips and quads get tight at all, there go my knees...)

Restorative Yoga Practice - Pin now, practice later!

This is an entire All Levels class sequence at the wall, which I’m hoping you’ll find useful and fun.

kathryn budig... best online blog for step-by-step help for advanced poses I've found

Yoga block ideas - a block held between the inner groins teaches the thighs to rotate inward, activating the adductors - which aligns knees and encourages proper pelvic tilt.

Yoga block poses http://www.huggermugger.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/propguide100.jpg

8 Yoga Mudras To Overcome Any Ailments!! Loved and pinned by www.downdogboutique.com

Bhakti is the recommended yoga for this age. All the limbs of astanga yoga are automatically achieved without special attention or the need for asana or pranayama.

Exploring Your Energy Centers: Svadhisthana - Sacral Chakra

These homemade treats are perfect for your child's lunch box and your kids will have a ball helping you shape them.

Quinoa is naturally wheat and gluten free and is a good source of complete protein for vegans and vegetarians. Try it in this quick and flavorful pilaf.

Art42 - Beautiful Pictures

This is an entire All Levels class sequence at the wall, which I’m hoping you’ll find useful and fun.

Yoga improves regulation of the stress hormone cortisol http://yogahobby.com/ #yin_yoga #yoga_for_beginners #yoga_poses

yoga poses in stick figures. maybe print out and pin it up in my room.