I'm crying

“Why Is Hazel Called Hazel?” I love that this is a serious quote and he's sitting there with his sharpie face. John Green everyone


The Fault In Our Stars I will bawl my eyes out again if i have to after reading this or any quote from Augustus Waters!

Better now

Now the this picture of the end of this book is not true all though i wish it was its not this is one of the first books/movie i've seen with a not so happy ending if u haven't watched the movie or read the book yet then u should!


"I called it a nine because I was saving my ten. And here it was, the great and terrible ten." ~ The Fault In Our Stars

Oh. My. Gosh. *mind blown*

I find it funny that the Yeti had to tell the author of TFIOS for him to realize this<<< thank god for the Yeti.

Shailene Woodley won big at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards • Trailblazer • Best Female Performance • Best Kiss (shared with Ansel Elgort) • Movie of the Year (shared with the director, cast & crew of TFiOS)

Shailene Woodley won at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards and gives a beautiful speech thanking the writer of the book her movie was based on, John Green


Your argument is invalid.When I saw this movie and he first came in and was all happy and all I was like, “ I WANT ONE!


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