Purple Haze

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Learn to make tulips last year round! Super easy. I love it!

How to Grow Tulips and Other Perennials in Glass Jars in Your Home All Year

Tulips and other spring bulbe can be grown at any time of the year when grown in glass jars providing they spent 8 to 10 weeks hibernating in your refrigerator. Start them sequentially to enjoy a long 'season'. They make great gifts!

Purple skies

Purple skies at sunset-- beautiful in the snow and quiet of the plains


We are all many leaves and many trees sharing the same divine root system ~

Blueberry mint teal

A massive list of healthy smoothies. Frozen bananas with frozen blueberries and almond milk!

crescentmoon’s garden More

crescentmoon's garden

Quirky purple door to…

The purple door with the 'w' on it. The house with the purple door wasn't out of the ordinary. Just the door.

Tea parties with fairies surely happen behind this door!

the magic faraway tree: doorway. Purple is the color of royalty. Surprisingly, purple is a pretty popular color for front doors. It's symbolizes energy and is thought to invite many opportunities into your home.