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tell me what your story is, take me there Archive RSS Ask just a little blog about a little girl growing up and living the world. ΔΓ

» bohemian family » bohemian life » natural living » free spirits » bohemian style » gypsy souls » living free » wild child » family adventures » elements of bohemia »

I'm a princess because my father is the King of Kings! I'm 25 and I choose to follow Jesus because he gives me hope, joy, and love. If you think no one loves you that is not true, because Jesus thinks you are to die for

MY DREAM. MY DREAM FOR MY FUTURE CHILD TO BE HELD AND LOOKED AT BY THEIR LOVING FATHER. and for me to love that man... and for him to be that handsome and to live in such a stylish space. lol.

True Friendship. alix if you get hurt or anything or even me cuz im clumsy this is what I will do. if I don't make fun of u fist