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    Danny Vash & Nite Wolf
    Danny Vash & Nite Wolf
    Danny Vash & Nite Wolf

    Danny Vash & Nite Wolf

    Nite Wolf is a 3 piece hard rock power trio from the Albuquerque New Mexico area.

    Danny Vash & Nite Wolf Featured on Music Submit “Danny Vash & Nite Wolf Featured on Music Submit" www.musicsubmit.c...

    Nite Wolf song 'Hard Life' on Jog Tunes Podcast! “Hey Danny, Congratulations, We got word back that JogTunes Indie Podcast expressed interest in your music based off of the song Hard Life. The creator, Bob, has played your track "Hard Life" on episode #118 of his podcast. You can check out for more information

    Nite Wolf added to KFSR 90.7 FM Fresno CA Playlist! “Hello Danny Vash & Nite Wolf-- Your music has been pre-screened and approved by KFSR 90.7 FM Fresno California. We'll try to add you to our playlist or review page in the coming weeks. Thanks! KFSR 90.7 KFSR is a non-profit, listener-supported public radio station licensed to California State University, Fresno, broadcasting at 2600 watts at 90.7 FM and streaming online at

    Danny Vash & Nite Wolf Hard Rock Instrumental 'Perro Loco' The Akademia September 2015 Winner! " ’Perro Loco’ is an off-the-walls metal shredder full of bombastic riffs, screeching guitar solos and thunderous works of percussion that are ear-splittingly catastrophic and booming with fierce intentions.’ Listen to the award-winning song 'Perro Loco' now! www.theakademia.c...

    Nite Wolf feature story for ‘Memory Of Me’ hit over 1,000,000 Marketing Impressions June 2015

    Danny Vash & Nite Wolf song 'Memory of Me' #1 on POWER FM GLOBAL RADIO NETWORK Charts! North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Mid-East & Asia

    Nite Wolf Video/Song 'Viking Warriors' added to WN Viking Rock BBC

    Nite Wolf song 'Memory of Me' added to Hit XM Radio Network! effective June 1st: KHZT Denver, Colorado; KVHT Las Vegas, Nevada; WXHT Singapore, Singapore; KPHT Panama City, Panama; WCHT Kolkata, India

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    Nite Wolf song 'Memory Of Me’ will be spun on KSPR Power FM San Francisco Friday lunch!! “Dear Danny Vash & Nite Wolf, Congratulations! The good news keeps rolling in. Following a discussion with the program director from KSPR Power FM San Francisco, we are pleased to inform you that the remix of your song ‘Memory Of Me’ will be spun on their Friday lunch time mix show at noon starting June 1st!

    Nite Wolf Feature on Greycastle News Corporation “Eschewing theatrics for real musicianship, Danny Vash & Nite Wolf have carved out a reputation for hard-hitting, steel-bending rock, paving the way for their first major radio hit. Continue....”

    “Dear Danny Vash & Nite Wolf, We wanted to take this opportunity to formally congratulate you on winning The Akademia Music Award for Best Hard Rock Song for ‘Hollywood’ in the May 2015 Akademia Music Awards! ’Vash delivers up a fantastic, technically complex rocker like Rush used to - a welcome addition to a tremendously difficult genre.'”

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    “Dear Danny Vash & Nite Wolf, Program director from WLDN Radio London, informed us that the remix of your song ‘Memory Of Me’ will be spun on their Saturday night 9 PM mix show starting April 25th! This is in addition to the remix of your song currently being featured on other radio mix shows. Be sure to tune in to hear your song being spun to hundreds of thousands of listeners. Congratulations on your continued success. Kind regards, The Akademia”

    Effective March 1st: Tune in to hear Nite Wolf on AMP FM Radio- Tampa, Florida USA

    Press Release: BEAT100 Audio Chart Winner 2/20/14 Danny Vash & Nite Wolf 'Let it Rain' Enitre Press Release:

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    Nite Wolf song Memory of Me... “ROCK - August 2014 Akademia Music Awards Winner: Best Music Artist: Danny Vash & Nite Wolf Song: Memory of Me 'The follow-up single to their smash hit 'Passion Dreamer', this new pulse-pounding jam demonstrates what real musicianship and melodic instincts can produce. The result is a phenomenal aural experience.' - See more at:”

    NITE WOLF FEATURE STORY published on Marquix Global Network at the following link:

    BEAT100 in World Music Chart Winner 'Passion Dreamer' topped the charts this week, amassing 4500 views on BEAT100 and a Silver Song Award to accompany their growing number of accolades. The band members describe 'Passion Dreamer' as a 'solid rock beat followed by crunchy guitar riffs and vocals'. Continue Full Story click on Pin

    Danny Vash & Nite Wolf Congratulations on your COAST 2 COAST mixtape spot! Song Passion Dreamer position 2 on #MAKINMOVES MIXTAPE VOL. 127 Click link to Download or Stream FREE!

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    Nite Wolf Song Passion Dreamer Heavy Rotation on 5 Radio Stations KXRL Radio Los Angeles, California USA:www.kxrl-radi..., KHSX Radio Houston, Texas USA; WMIC Radio Miami, Florida USA; KEDG Radio Sydney, Australia; WLDN Radio London, United Kingdom

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    The Akademia Music Awards Announces February 2014 Winner for Best Rock Song. Artist: Danny Vash and Nite Wolf, Song: All That I Want. "With its flawless guitar riff, strong hook and rocking guitar solo at the end, this song delivers a great musical experience." ● The Akademia Music Awards is based in Los Angeles, California and supports musicians interested in receiving a higher degree of market exposure and professional recognition for their work.

    Danny Vash & Nite Wolf Congratulations again on your Akademia Award achievement. We are pleased to inform you that we have obtained placement for your song Passion Dreamer on KXRL Radio Los Angeles. Your single will receive rotation during the entire month of February at 3 spins/day (over 90 spins/month). KXRL has an average listenership of 11,500 at any given moment

    Danny Vash & Nite Wolf are competing in The Hard Rock Rising Virtual Competition Battle of the Bands. We need your vote to move on to the next round for a chance to play at the summer's Hard Rock Live music festival in Rome, Italy! To VOTE click on link below and get your free download of "Hard Life" and please share on Facebook, Twitter, etc.. Thank you! Danny Vash & Nite Wolf

    Nite Wolf supports WNDY Radio tune in to hear the best of unsigned artists.