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I saw. I liked. I pinned.

Do I really need more of a description than the title of this board?

I saw. I liked. I pinned.

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Beyonce Sings “Survivor” to Grant the Wish of a Dying Girl - This just made my night. The Make-a-Wish Foundation and Beyonce team up to grant this little girl's wish of dancing with the mega-star.

Beyonce Sings “Survivor” to Grant the Wish of a Dying Girl

This is How You Make a Family Christmas Card! - Hahaha. This family's video Christmas card puts just about all others to shame. Too awesome.

This is How You Make a Family Christmas Card!

“Seeing” Fat Thoughts Instead of Thinking Them - This group of women learned that actually seeing the things they always think to themselves proves just how damaging they can be. Powerful.

One Airline Makes a Christmas Miracle Happen for Everyone Onboard - This is SO worth the watch. Santa asks everyone onboard what they want for Christmas and then WestJet "elves" scramble to make it all happen before the flight lands.

The *Extremely* Emotional Baby - OMG. You've gotta watch this whole thing. This baby goes through quite the emotional whipsaw while his mother sings to him.

The *Extremely* Emotional Baby
  • Steph Lang
    Steph Lang

    How can anyone be negative about this video? That baby girl is so precious! :) Crazy place we live in.

Lily’s Disneyland Surprise! These parents surprised their daughter with a trip to Disneyland for her 6th birthday. Her reaction is priceless and way too funny!

Lily’s Disneyland Surprise!
  • Louise Weeks
    Louise Weeks

    Most precious thing ever!

I Forgot My Phone - This is exactly why I have been leaving my phone in the car a lot more often lately. And while this problem is funny, it's really not that funny. It's annoying.

Home Depot Flash Mob Wedding Proposal! THIS IS AWESOME! I don't know what I like more... the marriage proposal or that this happened in my (extra-conservative) home state!

  • Chantelle John
    Chantelle John

    I've loved it since I saw it on Ellen! :)

What You See, What I See - People sit down with a police sketch artist and they explain to him what they think they look like. Then, they do the same thing for a stranger. The difference...

  • Carrie Lee
    Carrie Lee

    I saw this on FaceBook and it is amazing. Everyone should watch it!

  • Rebecca Havener
    Rebecca Havener

    Hey Dan, Can't see this. Is the server offline?

96 Year Old Man Enters a Song-Writing Contest and Makes the World Cry - Please watch this. A 96 year old man whose wife of 75 years recently passed away writes a song for her. So touching. So beautiful. A must watch today.

  • Amanda Marcotte
    Amanda Marcotte

    When I did lna classes. They played this video for the residents to watch... I cried. Lol.

  • Maribel Restrepo
    Maribel Restrepo

    I dare anyone to watch this and not cry.

  • Sally Ransom
    Sally Ransom

    It gave me chills. That's so sweet. 75 years together is incredible.

  • Jamie Lynn
    Jamie Lynn

    Sweetest thing I've ever seen...

  • Syd

    This made me tear up!!

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Some dads are just awesome. ♥

Our attempt at the classic Pinterest Couple's Heart. Haha.

  • Sarah Merkley
    Sarah Merkley

    This is the cutest thing ever!

85 Year Old Friends! Must watch! :)

Marilyn Monroe

Funny celebrity pictures- Photog Martin Schoeller the Paul Rudd ones make me happy!

Cool celebrity photos you probably haven't seen before!

get real. get outside.

love it

Awesome 3D Art {amazing!}

  • Sasha Martin | Global Table Adventure
    Sasha Martin | Global Table Adventure

    I love this...

Extremely Clever Pregnancy Photo Series...super cute idea!!

Des parents québécois boss.
  • Andre Stith
    Andre Stith

    This is AWESOME

  • Ameena Abubakr
    Ameena Abubakr

    Shooo CewwtT!

  • Angela Burford
    Angela Burford

    cute idea

  • Carmen

    Ha ha. I giggled.

  • Genia Bohl
    Genia Bohl


I LOVED the Calvin and Hobbes stuff!!

  • Michelle Lorenz
    Michelle Lorenz

    Must be since the little girl has Mr. Bun.

  • Genia Bohl
    Genia Bohl

    Is that Susie in bed??

  • Kelly Berkey
    Kelly Berkey

    That is fabulous! I love it. :)

Nature's Music

How fun!...Piano doorbell!

All these pictures of little girls remind me of my daughter at this age. This was a pretty typical ballet class!

upside down snowman ! cute idea the kids will love.

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