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I saw. I liked. I pinned.

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Beyonce Sings “Survivor” to Grant the Wish of a Dying Girl - This just made my night. The Make-a-Wish Foundation and Beyonce team up to grant this little girl's wish of dancing with the mega-star.

Beyonce Sings “Survivor” to Grant the Wish of a Dying Girl


This is How You Make a Family Christmas Card! - Hahaha. This family's video Christmas card puts just about all others to shame. Too awesome.

This is How You Make a Family Christmas Card!


“Seeing” Fat Thoughts Instead of Thinking Them - This group of women learned that actually seeing the things they always think to themselves proves just how damaging they can be. Powerful.

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One Airline Makes a Christmas Miracle Happen for Everyone Onboard - This is SO worth the watch. Santa asks everyone onboard what they want for Christmas and then WestJet "elves" scramble to make it all happen before the flight lands.

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  • Cheryl Hunter
    Cheryl Hunter

    3rd pin I've clicked on and found it no longer exists on your page... a little bummed because based on your pins and a couple of your blog posts, I feel like we are kind of kindred spirits....

The *Extremely* Emotional Baby - OMG. You've gotta watch this whole thing. This baby goes through quite the emotional whipsaw while his mother sings to him.

The *Extremely* Emotional Baby

  • Steph Lang
    Steph Lang

    How can anyone be negative about this video? That baby girl is so precious! :) Crazy place we live in.

Lily’s Disneyland Surprise! These parents surprised their daughter with a trip to Disneyland for her 6th birthday. Her reaction is priceless and way too funny!

Lily’s Disneyland Surprise!

  • Louise Weeks
    Louise Weeks

    Most precious thing ever!

I Forgot My Phone - This is exactly why I have been leaving my phone in the car a lot more often lately. And while this problem is funny, it's really not that funny. It's annoying.

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Home Depot Flash Mob Wedding Proposal! THIS IS AWESOME! I don't know what I like more... the marriage proposal or that this happened in my (extra-conservative) home state!

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  • Chantelle John
    Chantelle John

    I've loved it since I saw it on Ellen! :)

What You See, What I See - People sit down with a police sketch artist and they explain to him what they think they look like. Then, they do the same thing for a stranger. The difference...

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  • Rebecca Havener
    Rebecca Havener

    Hey Dan, Can't see this. Is the server offline?

  • Carrie Lee
    Carrie Lee

    I saw this on FaceBook and it is amazing. Everyone should watch it!

96 Year Old Man Enters a Song-Writing Contest and Makes the World Cry - Please watch this. A 96 year old man whose wife of 75 years recently passed away writes a song for her. So touching. So beautiful. A must watch today.

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  • Syd

    This made me tear up!!

  • Jamie Lynn
    Jamie Lynn

    Sweetest thing I've ever seen...

  • Sally Ransom
    Sally Ransom

    It gave me chills. That's so sweet. 75 years together is incredible.

  • Maribel Restrepo
    Maribel Restrepo

    I dare anyone to watch this and not cry.

  • Amanda Marcotte
    Amanda Marcotte

    When I did lna classes. They played this video for the residents to watch... I cried. Lol.

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EmilySoto on DeviantArt


Some dads are just awesome. ♥

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Our attempt at the classic Pinterest Couple's Heart. Haha.

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  • Sarah Merkley
    Sarah Merkley

    This is the cutest thing ever!

85 Year Old Friends! Must watch! :)

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Marilyn Monroe

Мерилин Монро.. : Знаменитости - 14 : Форум на Страстях


Famous people trying to be cool... They succeded. Love the Tina Fey and Steve Carrell one. And the Ryan Reynolds one.

Cool celebrity photos you probably haven't seen before!


get real. get outside.

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love it

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Awesome 3D Art {amazing!}

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  • Sasha Martin | Global Table Adventure
    Sasha Martin | Global Table Adventure

    I love this...

Very cute idea for pregnancy photos

Des parents québécois boss.

  • Genia Bohl
    Genia Bohl


  • Carmen

    Ha ha. I giggled.

  • Angela Burford
    Angela Burford

    cute idea

  • Ameena Abubakr
    Ameena Abubakr

    Shooo CewwtT!

  • Andre Stith
    Andre Stith

    This is AWESOME

Calvin and Hobbes: the next generation! Awesome comic strip, funny idea.

26 years later…

  • Kelly Berkey
    Kelly Berkey

    That is fabulous! I love it. :)

  • Genia Bohl
    Genia Bohl

    Is that Susie in bed??

  • Michelle Lorenz
    Michelle Lorenz

    Must be since the little girl has Mr. Bun.

Nature's Music

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How fun!...Piano doorbell!

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Always had that ONE little girl like this in my dance classes :)

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how clever is this upside down snowman! Remember this for the snowman contest!

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