As the days grow cold so does the spirit of many people. Suicide rates increase by as the sun creeps away and lets fall and winter take its course... but this quote gives us something to look forward to even as the leaves fall and the ground turns white:)


This week has been pretty busy, with a mix of happy news and not-so-happy news. Several exciting things happened as far as my Premier busin...

one of the simplest ways to stay happy is... letting go of the things that make you sad Stop worrying about the things you can't change


Maybe I'll see Jacob over the summer, and THIS is the summer. This could also be good writing inspiration. I want to dedicate my summer to writing a novel, since I'll have loads of time. This could be what I'll write about. I'll give it a shot.


You've been on my mind. I don't even know you, but I really want to. Not just shooting stars crossing paths but more like the north star ever present by which to navigate the thoughts that cross your mind. I like to find myself lost in reverie with