BTS - FANART. . Where is this bakery at!!! i want it all!! XD

refrainbow: Bangtan cupcake charms are up in my store! Pre-orders are open until March!

Suga BTS

Suga BTS Rei da porra toda e lógico que eu sou a Rainha da porra toda

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V . My baby . please stay happy, you've been very quiet and avoiding we WILL SUPPORT you, do not feel upset we are here for you and you are an amazing person and you have inspired so many people with your genuine self . xx we love you --- FROM ARMY:

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Lakookie_ People who understands will laugh, but for those who don't might be thinking something deep like 'Life is not dark u just have to take off the blind folds that cover ur eyes to see the light'

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Quero esse Pikachu para mim só pq é o Kookie 💕💕❤

Jimin - Springday  #bangtanboys #youneverwalkalone #picofbaozi #jimin #SpringDay #BTS

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It looks like there's a math problem on the paper.

refrainbow: “ BTS Dope AU in which instead of working in different industries, they are all working for crime investigations. So so so Jungkook is with the police and handles all the arrests and.